WE Remember

It seems like whenever the New Year dawns that we make a lot of resolutions, like spending more time with family, controlling bad habits, being a better person and of course, getting closer to our wonderful Saviour, the Lord Jesus. It’s also a time when we miss the departed, and to thank God for the time we spent together.

We lost a few of our readers in 2018 and we pray that their close ones will be soothed by the tender touch of the Lord. Thy Kingdom Come lost Rick Coupland, our writer on health subjects and we also pray for his family. As I look back over the nearly 20 years as writer and editor, we lost some very popular writers and if I may, I will pay special tribute to them.

Rick Coupland
Joe Cranswick
Earl Mott
Christine Grierson
Jim Read
Don Robson
Tom Mitchell

In their memory, we dedicate the following words that they might have shared with us.

“I may not stay to see the day
When the great Saviour shall hold sway.
And earth shall glitter in the ray
That cometh from above,
But come it fast or come it slow,
Twill come at last I surely know.
And Heaven and earth shall feel the glow
And man shall call it Love.”
Courtesy The Chosen Word

Question: Dear Editor, I have been following Holly Mills’ earthquake and volcanic reports and it is frightening to note the increase in the number of major earthquakes around the world, particularly those of major quake. Equally concerning are the other disasters, the fires in California and elsewhere, the floods, hurricanes, tornados for instance. Do you see this as a prelude to Christ’s return?

Reply: Maybe! Jesus did give earthquakes in various places as a sign of His Return and as Holly wrote in one of her articles, she outlined the activity around what is called, “The Ring of Fire”.

You know, back in 2006, we published an article entitled “Violent Weather to Come”, I think it was released in the late 1900’s but here is part of what was written.

“According to a compendium of long-range theories advanced by leading theoretical meteorologists on five of the world’s continents. All of the theories involve what is now becoming known as the science of helio-geophysics. This is the study of the inter-relationship between events that happen on the surface of the sun, the surface of the moon, and the surface of the earth.

The prediction is based on the fact that the sun is now entering an active period in which the number of solar spots and flares are increasing at a far greater rate than heretofore had been predicted by any government scientists. It is now pretty well accepted generally that an in­crease in solar activity — or what appears to be the equivalent of observant weather on the face of the sun — usually is followed by increasingly violent storms on the face of the earth.

Another theory relates earthquake activity to the position of the moon in relation to earth. It says there is a tendancy for earthquake and volcanic eruptions to be triggered on both the earth and the moon by the gravitational pull of each body on the other.

Instead of solar activity slowly diminishing as many Western scientists had predicted, this current solar cycle seems to consist of a steady intensification of sunspots and flares. In fact, solar scientists now seem confident that the sun will reach its greatest activity in recorded history around 1970 and that even greater activity can be expected during the active sun cycle ensuing years. The significance of those predictions are twofold: The weather …. particularly around the solstices and equinoxes periods …. should be unusually violent and more and “worst storms of the century” should be reported from various areas.”

Well, worse storms have taken place, we can but stay tuned to see if they are a prelude to the end of the age.