Author: Brooks Alden

Moses’ Warning

If only the eyes of Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, et al, peoples everywhere could be opened to truth and they realized they are the Israelites of the Bible and can call upon the protection of God. They would then likely believe the stories, warnings, etc, related in the Old Testament.

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A Rocky Road Ahead?

I live in Canada, separated from America by a closed border, so if it wasn’t for the occasional conversation on Seattle, I couldn’t appreciate the fear ordinary folks are enduring, knowing that parts of their beloved city is almost like a war zone and living with the fear that the violence could spread to residential neighbourhoods.

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A Re-Run and A Million tears

It may sound corny, but I miss Canada and America of those days. We were truly something special, lands overflowing with “milk and honey,” so to speak, and the pride of our citizens was just not seen in flag-waving ceremonies, it was a part of our daily lives.

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