Experience the Associations Greatest Moments

We here at the Association have an extensive library of cassette tapes, VHS tapes, photos, documents and of course memories of our glorious past. Those we can archive into digital format will soon find their way to these pages.

Memories that exist in the minds of our brethern will hopefully be captured on paper and eventually find their way to this website to be shared and archived for future generations.

If you have something, a story, photos or anything else you feel would benefit the movement, please get in touch with us.

Browse through our photo and video galleries and relive some of the Associations greatest moments.

A Time of Opportunity

The Battle for Britain goes on, as the losers in the Brexit vote strive to overturn the historic June 23rd, 2016 vote to leave the EU. ACP’s editor journeyed to England in July and in this message tried to convey the wonderful opportunity ahead for Britain and how...

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100 Year Anniversary Picture Gallery

ACP celebrated our 100th Anniversary back in 2009 and we were fortunate enough to have some of the most powerful speakers in the movement. Below are some pictures which captured the passion and emotion they displayed.

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The Restoration of the Dominion

Brooks believes that more than any other time in the Christian era is it more important to sow the seeds of the Israel Truth and the Gospel of the Kingdom. He thinks that as in the days of Hosea, Israel today is being swallowed up and the future is dimmer and dimmer...

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What Will You Do When the End Comes?

Brooks came to the message in 1991 and began writing for Thy Kingdom Come in 2001. His subjects are varied, although prophecy is his favourite. He is a former bank executive and businessman and is now a business consultant. He has authored several books and articles...

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Audio Messages

It would indeed be a shame if messages from speakers of the past were lost. Fortunately, we were able to rescue some of the messages from our early days, from people like Rev. Joe Sproule, Lt. Col. J.G. Wright, and several more. You will enjoy them as some each month...

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The True Chosen of Israel

Representing the host organization of the Toronto 2012 Conference, is Kent Purvis, their young energetic president and an accomplished speaker. Approx. Running Time 39 minutes.

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Thank You

Our Association is over 100 years old and all during that time we have been spreading news of the Israel Truth and the Gospel of the Kingdom to our brethren around the world. We would not be able to do this if it wasn’t for the kindness of our readers because we are funded totally through donations and gifts.

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