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The Secret

I met God in the morning, When the day was at its best And His presence came like sunrise, Like a glory in my breast. All day long His presence lingered, All day long He stayed with me, And I sailed with perfect calmness, ‘O’er a very troubled sea. Other ships were blown and battered, Other ships were sore distressed But the winds that seemed to drive them, Brought to us a perfect rest. Then I thought of other mornings With a keen remorse of mind, When I too had loosed the moorings, With Thy presence left behind. So...

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Two Great Israel Nations

Both flags have Union Jacks reflecting that both were once British colonies. The Australian flag features the Commonwealth Star; the New Zealand flag does not. In its’ Southern Cross, the Australian flag has four seven pointed stars and another one with five; the New Zealand Flag has four five pointed stars. The Southern Cross in the Australian flag is white whereas it’s red with white border in the New Zealand flag. The three colours speak to us of the Trinity; Red, the Son. White, the Holy Spirit. Blue; the Father. Three Persons, but one GOD. Red. the colour of...

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The Waterfall

Many times, we have listened to the resounding voices of cascading waters and enjoyed the roar of a rushing torrent. It is pleasant to sit and watch the everchanging pattern formed by the waterfall as the light reflected from it, as from a mirror, adds life and change as it tumbles along. When, finally, a rainbow ap­pears in the mist at the base of the falls we are reminded once more of God’s covenant, for the rainbow was given by God for a perpetual sign as a reminder always that the earth will never again be destroyed by the...

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Old Age – When the Years Go Too Fast

“I am come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly“ (John 10:10). But read John 10:1-11 Among the Pennsylvania Dutch people there is a humorous proverb: “Too soon we get old, too late smart.” And you may have felt that way when the days, months, and years sped by. Maybe you are glum because you realize that you can’t possibly learn all you need to know, or visit all the places you want to see, or accomplish half what you long to do. Back there centuries ago, a psalmist, in such a blue mood, actually chided...

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A Time of Opportunity

The Battle for Britain goes on, as the losers in the Brexit vote strive to overturn the historic June 23rd, 2016 vote to leave the EU. ACP’s editor journeyed to England in July and in this message tried to convey the wonderful opportunity ahead for Britain and how through looking at their glorious past, Britons can be assured of a return to greatness. Running time: Approx. 48...

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