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No More Poverty, Disease, And War! A Glimpse of Our Coming New Order

Many years ago a very practical plan was put into experimental operation, designed for the purpose of leading all men and all nations out of poverty and distress into permanent peace and an “ABUNDANCE OF EVERY GOOD THING.” It was not a product of human brains, but of Divine Wisdom, given to a special race which God chose to be His instrument, through which the example of a Utopian earthly order might be made manifest to all nations and all peoples: but this example would be achieved only by obedience to a perfect code of individual and national Law,...

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Letters from September 2017

We have received a number of messages about the lead-off article “Goodbye Alan” in our August magazine. He certainly was a popular figure. And if it was God’s work, Alan was always eager to comply. I remember assisting him in a Toronto hotel room bathroom, while he baptized 93 year old Eleanor Russell. Was she ever pleased! Alan had friends everywhere who thought nothing of driving miles and miles just to listen to him. Here are but two examples: One reader in South Carolina wrote, When I opened the first page of “Thy Kingdom Come” and saw the heading...

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The Wondrous Way God Works

In London about a hundred years ago, there was a famous evangelist with a strange name — Caesar Milan. He was a cultured man and he associated with the lords of Parliament and their ladies. He was invited to the parties and functions of the higher classes, yet he was an earnest servant of God. One day he attended one of these social events in London, where among others he met a very talented young lady, who was an artist, a poet and a musician. Before the great crowd of titled people, she played most beautifully on the piano,...

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The Gathering Storm

In the first chapter of the Book of Joel, Joel asserts that his prophecies will be fulfilled in this day and generation. Though Joel makes a despairing appeal to the ecclesiastical leaders of our day to repent and intercede with God for Israel, he still records their failure to listen. The prophet then calls upon God for help. Likewise, the failure of the ministers and the priests to warn the people of the coming of the Great Day of the Lord finds the nation wholly unprepared for the events that now follow. The opening scene of the second chapter...

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