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The Power of Jesus’ Name — The Experience of A Disciple

Before my retirement, I was Managing Clerk to a firm of Solicitors. One day a Unitarian Minister came to consult me. We became quite friendly and had many talks about the Bible, but I could not convert him to Christian principles. At length, he invited my sister and me to a meal at his Parsonage and to meet a Healing man, who I was assured healed the sick by the Power of God. During the meal, I sat next to the man, and he kept mumbling `Not now-wait a bit.’ A lady who sat opposite said `Take no notice....

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The Moral Case for Brexit

hates this country so much that he says a Trotskyist government led by Jeremy Corbyn is a happier prospect than Brexit. This ignoble Lord is only the latest in a long procession of prominent people ganging up to smother Brexit and so demonstrate their contempt for the expressed views of the majority of British people who voted Leave. More people voted Leave in the Referendum than have ever voted for anything in our country. Still the elite establishment is doing everything in its power and connivance to keep us in the failed EU. The civil service to a man...

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The Third World War

The majority of people now realize that the third world war is inevitable and not far away, and that the conflict will be between Russia on the one hand, and Anglo-Saxondom on the other. Where can we turn for guidance, comfort and hope in the face of what will be the darkest hour for the English-speaking world? Surely, if anywhere, to the Bible. There is more space devoted in the Bible to prophecies concerning this event, commonly called Armageddon, than to any other. Let me explain the two famous chapters 38 and 39 from the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel...

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Let Jesus be Your Guide in 2018

A Thought for the New Year “If you put sin out of your hand and far away from you, and let not evil dwell in your tents; Then can you lift up your face to Him without stain of sin; yes, you shall be steadfast and secure; you shall not fear. For you shall forget your misery; you shall remember it as the waters that pass away. And your life shall be clearer than the noonday, and rise above it; though there be darkness, it shall be as the morning. And you shall be secure and feel confident because...

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A Year End Message – The Invisible Leader

Recently many people have been asking the pertinent question: who is the leader of the Israel Truth Movement? It is recognized that there have been many prominent men in the movement, some men more prominent than others. Yet, in reality, there is only one true answer to this question. For there can be but one leader of the Israel Truth Movement and that is—The Lord Jesus Christ. Surely, it is an amazing personality which is revealed to us in the One Who can manifest Himself on the lowest plane, as the lowly Jesus, and on the highest, as the...

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