Author: Jackie Edwards

The Numbers Game

Back in July 2016, at Buxton, England, Michael Clark, speaking at the BIWF convention commented on the then candidate for the US Presidential election, Donald Trump. Indicating that he felt Mr. Trump might well win, he then said – perhaps tongue in cheek – and will this be the last Trump?

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Trust and Believe

Now, another thing to note, is that the three-week lockdown, takes us up to, and includes Easter. (And may possibly be extended). So, we are under instructions to ‘stay at home’ during the time of ‘Passover’. I find this very interesting.

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The Lord Has Spoken

The Lord God has a plan for His people. The blessings given to Joseph and his descendants are like fruit that are born on his vine. Much has come to pass, but they include the last days – in which we now dwell.

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In Defence of Democracy

In both America and Britain, the people vote for who they want to govern them. They may not always be right in those they vote for, but they have that choice, and so, theoretically this should stop the country from being ‘captained’ by a bad ruler, at least not for long, because they can be removed via the ballot box next time!

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Thank You

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