Author: Jackie Edwards

Life’s Essentials

All of us are blessed with certain talents and it is up to us to use them to the best of our ability – hopefully to help others, and where possible to bring people to the Lord. It is this that we shall be judged upon. Did we waste our time in this world, or did we use it to the best of our ability?

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All Things to All Men…

Both Her Majesty, and prime minister are seeking to be all things to all people – but do they realize you cannot compromise your beliefs and your culture – without either watering them down or destroying them altogether.

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Rock of Ages

“Curiously, we see the cult of the Ka statue even today. People visit Madame Tussqud”s in London to look at waxworks with those of high quality seeming to have something of the presence of the celebrity they represent. Likewise, today in dictatorships where there is a cult of the leaders.

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The Numbers Game

Back in July 2016, at Buxton, England, Michael Clark, speaking at the BIWF convention commented on the then candidate for the US Presidential election, Donald Trump. Indicating that he felt Mr. Trump might well win, he then said – perhaps tongue in cheek – and will this be the last Trump?

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And the Door Was Shut

Doorways are both entrances and exits – portals between one place and another. In the Israelite history, if we look through our Bibles, we will see that they play an important part in the connection between God and man.

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Thank You

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