Author: Jackie Edwards

In Defence of Democracy

In both America and Britain, the people vote for who they want to govern them. They may not always be right in those they vote for, but they have that choice, and so, theoretically this should stop the country from being ‘captained’ by a bad ruler, at least not for long, because they can be removed via the ballot box next time!

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Tug of War

We see clearly that the works of the flesh are rampant everywhere – all around us – and as we try to tear ourselves from them the hatred and malice that is poured upon us is almost too hard to bear.

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Deborah and Barak

In fact, the story of Deborah and Barak shows us that in such actions as war and conflict, we always need to have God with us. We should remember that during both World Wars, the Nation came together in prayer on more than one occasion – to ask for Almighty God’s help – and He gave that much needed help!

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Notre Damned

A few days before Easter we witnessed on our TV screens, the destructive fire that all but destroyed the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, which was situated in the very center of Paris, standing on the narrow islet in the river Seine. France, in particular Paris, has had more than its fair share of tragedies in recent years, ­mostly in the form of terror attacks, but apparently not in the case of the Notre Dame.

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