Author: Pastor Jory Brooks

Sinim: A Biblical Mystery Land

Others look to China for the missing Israelites as well. The Scofield Bible says, “Sinim: The word is supposed to refer to a people of the Far East, perhaps the Chinese.” The Preachers Commentary concurs: “Sinim (a name often given to China, which represented the end of the earth).”

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Do We Have A Heavenly Mandate?

Scripture is not silent concerning the exile and dispersion of the Ten Tribes from the scene of their Assyrian captivity. They were to be “wanderers among the nations,” as Hosea predicted (9:17), or as Amos (9:9) says, “I will sift the House of Israel among all the nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth.”

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Is Spiritualizing Viable?

The parables of Christ dealing with subjects such as the two coins and the two sons (Luke 15 and 16) is spiritualized and watered down into nothing more than a sweet moral “Aesop’s fable” type story with no literal application to the two houses of Israel, which is the actual focus.

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The Shaking of Early American Protestantism

The Shaker communities all died out because they did not allow marriages or births, and only one out of ten children who were brought in by their parents remained in the Shaker religion. Yet some of the other religious denominational oddities of the period are still with us today, shaking the foundations of Christian belief with their disparate and extra-biblical teachings.

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