Author: Bob Vermaat

The Restitution of All Things Vs. Universal Reconciliation

Well, as the story goes, good old Dick was often heard to reminisce about a car that he used to own years back and how he wished that he still had that car, but alas it was not possible. Now, one day old Dick’s son, Jesse, was driving through the country and lo and behold, there in a farmer’s field, amongst the grass and the weeds, Jesse found an old rusted and dented car.

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Apocalypse 2020

Man is a social animal, man needs to interact with man, for by nature man has a herd mentality, yet under the new system we are forced to disregard the norm and distance ourselves even from relatives and friends.

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Warrior for The Cause

When I wrote the title for this article, I was thinking should I write the more familiar phrase, Soldier of the Cross or The Warrior one? I decided on the Warrior because of what I want to say in this essay, seeing that warrior depicts a fighting man of a more independent nature, not someone that necessarily follows the lead or command of an higher officer, but one that works and operates on his or her own initiative, more or less a maverick.

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