Author: Alan Edwards

Hagar’s World

Looking at the world, it is clear that we are in danger of descending into a dark period where ‘every man’s’ hand will be against his brother. This is an indication that the one true Law has been abandoned in every area of life and substituted by a false faith in the reason of man. For if there is no Law, to govern and be subject to, then are we left only with the contrary opinions of man. Now “Ishmael will be a wild man”. Why should this be. Was not Abram his father, and surely though Hagar was...

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Heavenly Comfort

Jesus Christ is our only Saviour, there is no other. He gave up (surrendered) his sinless life for us, to pay our penalty. What love, what duty, what absolute Divine correctness, what indescribable devotion, what obedience. Now, supposing that you came face to face with our Lord Jesus, what would you say to Him? What would you do? How would you react? I can tell you – you would fall at His feet and be unable to speak; the awe that you would feel, the power that you would sense would leave you speechless. You would dissolve in tears...

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Reuben and Joseph

Many years ago, Stevie Wonder penned the lyric “the world is just one big onion”. Well it is today, a world overrun with tears and heartache. The Bible tells us that in the last days “multitudes will be in the valley of decision”, either not knowing which way to go or what to do, or even worse, being completely out of control. As we become more digitized, we are not more liberated, but more regulated, all our actions being monitored by the modern version of George Orwell’s Big Brother – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Government agencies etc. And remember how...

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Infernal Father

In these increasingly troublesome times, which have been brought about by the greatest example of fake news, “The Theory of Evolution”, we have become accustomed to the virulent and violent exposition of Satan’s deceits. How rightly he was described by Jesus Christ as the “Father of Lies”. Now we have progressed (sic) to a state where to quote a biblical reference, every man’s hand is against his brother’s as hatreds are purposefully engendered and exacerbated. The media dominated world creates and depicts through delusion and illusion a world riven by increasing conflicts, so that we almost have a situation...

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The Wicked Field

We learn from one of the parables in the Gospel of St Matthew that the “field” is the world, and what a wicked field the world has become. The powers of evil are relentless in their attack on Christ and His true Church and on the Israel nations of the West. It is now almost 7 years since the people of Great Britain were “blessed”? by the visit of the then Pope (Benedict 16th) on 16th September 2010, who proceeded to officiate at organised Masses in Birmingham and elsewhere. This Pope mysteriously resigned in 2013, something never before done...

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