Author: Alan Edwards

Impending Battle

America has sinned greatly against God in many ways – so have all the Israel nations of the Christian West – and as a messianic Jew, Jonathan Cahn is probably better placed than most people in being able to show how God’s wrath is already being directed against His people in that land.

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Exit Bondage

So, let us all look forward to 2021 as a year of the Lord’s Grace – and pray that the land – the world – will be healed of this plague. Trust in The Lord, for He is our Shepherd indeed.

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Heavenly Comfort

In this fallen world of ours, we often try to help others, as we are instructed to do in Holy Writ. You could say that there are different ways of giving assistance. The most basic is to do things for other people, the next is to speak to others with words of advice or support, but the greatest way is just to be there.

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The People of Faith

The chief misunderstanding is not to realise that the God of the Bible and of the whole biblical narrative is fundamentally linked to the nation of Israel and its history and development. Where and when other nations are mentioned it is only in respect to their association with Israel.

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Thank You

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