Author: Alan Edwards

Oh! Happy Day – Our Ode To Joy

We often come across the idea that God will allow His People to be destroyed because of their grievous sin, but is this really so? The Lord is most jealous for His Inheritance – Israel – and to allow her complete destruction would be first and foremost a dishonour to Him which He could not and would not allow. For His word is Law and He is the God that changes not.

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The Red (Sea) Zoan

Here we have a neat encapsulation of our current Brexit conundrum. For the deal that our Prime minister Boris Johnson has concluded with the European Union, is in fact a treaty that still keeps us bound to the iniquitous European monolith. Is indeed a deal that the Lord God of Israel has not sanctioned, and which will be a source of shame if enacted and ratified?

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The False Witnesses

In the days of Rehoboam, son of Solomon, he was given a choice. Follow the words of wisdom of the old men and keep the Israel nation united or hearken to the protestations of the young men which would lead to the division of the ten tribes of Israel from the two of Judah and Benjamin.

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Cabbages, Kings and Queens

King Edward 8th of Britain, known informally as David, abdicated the throne on 10m December 1936, having decided to remain with Mrs. Wallis Simpson (originally Besslewallis Warfield) after her divorce (kept secret by the British press) from her husband Ernest, whom she had married after previously divorcing her first husband Earl Winfield Spencer, a lieutenant in the US Navy. How times do not change!

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