Author: Alan Edwards

The People of Faith

The chief misunderstanding is not to realise that the God of the Bible and of the whole biblical narrative is fundamentally linked to the nation of Israel and its history and development. Where and when other nations are mentioned it is only in respect to their association with Israel.

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No Close Encounters

This period of time (April/May 2020), is such that we are unable to congregate with others in groups larger than two or three, unless we have several children. However, for the most part, we are not gathering in His Name, our Lord Jesus Christ. For by and large, we have abandoned Him and in many cases have never known Him. We do not even ask Him for mercy and forgiveness, that we may have this current plague taken from us.

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The Great WAIL of China

Recently, we witnessed a great economic revival in China, caused mainly by western nations closing down their factories and outsourcing or importing dirt cheap goods from the East. Anything to make a profit, even if it means betraying your own country and its workers.

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Oh! Happy Day – Our Ode To Joy

We often come across the idea that God will allow His People to be destroyed because of their grievous sin, but is this really so? The Lord is most jealous for His Inheritance – Israel – and to allow her complete destruction would be first and foremost a dishonour to Him which He could not and would not allow. For His word is Law and He is the God that changes not.

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Thank You

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