Author: Michael Clark

The Positive Way Forward for The Island of Ireland

In overruling Providence, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is leaving the European Union – a prophetic Egypt – which it joined in 1973 with Ireland and Denmark. However the powers that be in Europe and in the Remain camp at Westminster are desperately seeking to retain control of Britain’s enslavement under EU bondage. Around much of the Brexit, or ‘Brexodus,’ negotiations with the EU, we are hearing increasing sounds of ‘Pharaoh’s chariots,’ this as we listen to the spurious fears of trade problems with the EU being put forth over the 310-mile border with Northern...

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Britain and the Almighty in Covenant Bond

The Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar TD, interviewed at the EU Gothenburg Social Summit on 17 November, 2017 (accession of Elizabeth I in 1558), said that Britain’s Brexit negotiations with the EU are ‘a divorce’ process. Constitutionally, for this to be a divorce process, there has of necessity to have been a lawful marriage in the first instance. In all reality what developed in 1972-73, was not a marriage of the United Kingdom with the then EEC, but an unconstitutional liaison. This ‘marriage’ with alien powers did not comply with our national covenants under the Coronation Oath 1953 (Act) and the...

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The Oil of Understanding and Knowledge

We have become increasingly conscious in recent months of the total lack of true prophetic understanding of the covenant nations and their destiny, by the Church. As a result there is little background knowledge of the Bible among our company of nations and its message of national redemption for new readers to get to grips with the first principles of our teaching. Most seriously, new research from the British Social Attitudes survey finds that a majority of people now describe themselves as having no religion. Even more significant is that only 3 per cent of those aged 18-24 describe...

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Brexodus – Towards The New Horizon

Excerpts from a Presidential Address by Michael A. Clark At the BIWF Summer Convention, Buxton, 2016 Editor comments here. Mr. Clark commenced his remarks by issuing this warning, “We need to come to an Advanced State of Alert”. We are at this moment living in the wonder of our national Independence Day which took place on 23 June 2016 – there have been a number of commemorations in the history of Israel, but it was the Exodus from Egypt that (perhaps) remains deep in our national memory, even if most do not realize that we are descendants of the...

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Project Hope Overcomes Project Fear

There was a growing conviction among those who were aware of the Kingdom identity of the United Kingdom that the day had finally arrived on 23 June, 2016, for the Exodus from bondage in the prophetic Egypt of the European Union. In the event ‘Brexit,’ as it was termed, took place to the great surprise of the political and financial world, the reverberations of which are being likened, significantly, to an earthquake. The future of the ‘city’ of the European Union is now being brought into question. It is being said that the Brits have become the canaries in...

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