Author: Rev. Dr. Kenneth Kemble

Fervent Prayer

Throughout the Bible, we are made to understand that impassioned, heartfelt prayer is of vital importance. Everything we do should be done in prayer, and we should never grow weary in prayer, but pray fervently and continuously, knowing that God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

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Trust God

This is why the enemy does not want us to gather together for worship. The enemy knows that when we get together as one and worship God, he has no chance! But I encourage the pastors in Israel to OPEN UP the doors of your churches and tell your people to take the masks off and sing loud and long praises to our great God!

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In This Strange Land

In our text, the people of God lamented their pitiful state. They were a conquered people and had lost their homeland to foreigners and found themselves in a strange land. Gone were the good old days, and they saw little prospect of them ever returning — and they were very sad.

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The Four Faces

The Eagle reminds us that our blessed Redeemer, after He hath redeemed us, bears us up on eagle’s wings. We can do absolutely nothing without Him. The object of His affection is pitiful and helpless.

Knowing this, and because of His great love for us, He carries us. I am so glad.

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Thank You

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