2017! It seems only yesterday when we welcomed a fresh new year with hopes for peace, prosperity and understanding. Readers, do you remember as you stood on the threshold of 2017, how hopeful were our people that men and nations would climb down from a world of insanity and embrace bold new initiatives to set us on a steadier and safer path. Sadly, the winds of change blew even more fiercely and instead of peace, the world is driving relentlessly to nowhere. Not only are people frightened of our enemies but are becoming more worried about the actions of our very governments. Still, there is one bright spot and this was when Christians drew a line in the sand and opted for stronger moral values during the American election of 2016. So far they are not there, instead, the nation seems to be pulled apart more each day.

Still, we had better start working together because we Israel nations are under judgment and unless we return to the Bible and God’s Law, there will be no let-up in the anger expressed toward us by most nations in the world, no subsiding of natural disasters and no escaping the continuing tribulation.

Without God, we can go no further. Yet, He is there for us and whenever we can during this, another difficult year, Christians must share Jesus’ cry with friends, neighbours and acquaintances, when He made us this promise, “Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” What a wonderful shelter.

My friends, we pray that before 2017 takes its final breathe, you will witness a return to God.