Experience the Associations Greatest Moments

We here at the Association have an extensive library of cassette tapes, VHS tapes, photos, documents and of course memories of our glorious past. Those we can archive into digital format will soon find their way to these pages.

Memories that exist in the minds of our brethern will hopefully be captured on paper and eventually find their way to this website to be shared and archived for future generations.

If you have something, a story, photos or anything else you feel would benefit the movement, please get in touch with us.

Browse through our photo and video galleries and relive some of the Associations greatest moments.

Pastor Jory Brooks

Pastor Jory Brooks is an American and pastor of the oldest Anglo-Israel church in North America, located in Detroit, Michigan. He is also Vice-President of the “The Servant People, Canadian British Israel Association” and together with President Mary Bennett, has been...

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Panel Discussion Part 1

Our panel of Jory Brooks, Richard Bray, Alan Campbell, David McLure, Karl Schott and Charles Jennings had a number of very interesting and entertaining questions posed to them. Each question was answered in such detail and with such passion, you didn't want the...

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Opening Message

Who knew back in August, 1909 that we would be celebrating a 100th year anniversary. Yet, we did and in August, 2009, Israelites from across Canada and the United States joined in one of the most significant conferences of modern times. Speakers from the United...

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