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Toronto 2012 BIWFSaturday and Sunday, September 15th and 16th, 2012 was witness to the 83rd Annual Convention and Conference of BRITISH-ISRAEL-WORLD FEDERATION CANADA in Toronto. It was an important conference and all three of the Canadian Israel Truth organizations took part. Representing the host organization was Kent Purvis, their young energetic president and an accomplished speaker. Canadian British Israel Association, or, as they are mostly known , “The Servant People,” was represented by Pastor Jory Brooks, international lecturer and accomplished writer. Our organization, The Association of the Covenant People, had as its participant Brooks Alden, also an international speaker, the editor of Thy Kingdom Come and a writer of note.

The Final Assault on True Israel

Brooks came to the message in 1991 and began writing for Thy Kingdom Come in 2001. His subjects are varied, although prophecy is his favourite. He is a former bank executive and businessman and is now a business consultant. He...

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The Greatest Rescue Ever!

Brooks believes that more than any other time in the Christian era is it more important to sow the seeds of the Israel Truth and the Gospel of the Kingdom. He thinks that as in the days of Hosea, Israel today is being swallowed...

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The Three Sisters

Pastor Jory Brooks is an American and pastor of the oldest Anglo-Israel church in North America, located in Detroit, Michigan. He is also Vice-President of the “The Servant People, Canadian British Israel Association” and...

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The True Chosen of Israel

Representing the host organization of the Toronto 2012 Conference, is Kent Purvis, their young energetic president and an accomplished speaker. Approx. Running Time 39 minutes.

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