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Down Memory Lane

Our website would not be complete without a short trip down Memory Lane to visit  some of the significant happenings of The Association of the Covenant People.

This wasn’t always our name, in fact, we changed it three different times over the course of our 95 years of existence. Many of these happenings have been well documented, some with photos, some writings and some memorabilia. We will add something new of interest as often as possible.



Down Memory Lane With Alma Hetherington

Her Royal Highness Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone was pleased to be appointed Chief Patron of this British Israel World Federation, and previous to the 1920 Congress we find Rev. R. H. Sawyer of Portland, Oregon spending considerable time with Mr. Garrison drafting the Constitution.

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The Hursts

It was 1930! My Mom had finally reached that time of day when she could rest for a few minutes by herself and read the local newspaper. With several kids, ultimately fifteen, ten of which were boys, and a very energetic husband,...

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With Don Hammond

I was discharged from duty in 1945, then 25 years old and all the world ahead of me. I had been a pilot in the RCAF but I was always disappointed that because of my specific training, I was assigned to the Canadian theatre of...

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1936 Pageant of Progress Parade

We entered this float into the 1936 Pageant of Progress Parade, along with 200 other floats, to celebrate Vancouver’s Golden Jubilee. It created much favourable comment and encouraged many of our brethren to enquire into the...

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The BIWF College and Parades

Before the advent of the modern Israeli State, who took the name “Israel” as prophesied in Isaiah 44: 5, the message of the Israel Truth was being accepted far and wide. Groups were formed in many small communities across Israel...

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