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Is Spiritualizing Viable?

The parables of Christ dealing with subjects such as the two coins and the two sons (Luke 15 and 16) is spiritualized and watered down into nothing more than a sweet moral “Aesop’s fable” type story with no literal application to the two houses of Israel, which is the actual focus.

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The Times and Seasons

Our wonderful Father knows us and loves us. He has not forgotten His Covenant with His people. I love Isaiah 65:24 where it says, “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”

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Apocalypse 2020

Man is a social animal, man needs to interact with man, for by nature man has a herd mentality, yet under the new system we are forced to disregard the norm and distance ourselves even from relatives and friends.

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The “In” Crowd

When I read the Bible, I see that the prophets were not in with the “in crowd”, they stood out. Was Job in with the in crowd? How about David? How about Paul? What about Abraham or Daniel? How about Ruth or Rahab? God does not discriminate whether it be man or woman?

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Warrior for The Cause

When I wrote the title for this article, I was thinking should I write the more familiar phrase, Soldier of the Cross or The Warrior one? I decided on the Warrior because of what I want to say in this essay, seeing that warrior depicts a fighting man of a more independent nature, not someone that necessarily follows the lead or command of an higher officer, but one that works and operates on his or her own initiative, more or less a maverick.

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Clap for the Lord

If any of us were involved in those jobs, we would hope that everyone would recognize our efforts. How must our Lord feel when he has taken the burden of all of our sins on himself and died a gruesome death on the Cross for us? Can we clap for the Lord?

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The Shaking of Early American Protestantism

The Shaker communities all died out because they did not allow marriages or births, and only one out of ten children who were brought in by their parents remained in the Shaker religion. Yet some of the other religious denominational oddities of the period are still with us today, shaking the foundations of Christian belief with their disparate and extra-biblical teachings.

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No Close Encounters

This period of time (April/May 2020), is such that we are unable to congregate with others in groups larger than two or three, unless we have several children. However, for the most part, we are not gathering in His Name, our Lord Jesus Christ. For by and large, we have abandoned Him and in many cases have never known Him. We do not even ask Him for mercy and forgiveness, that we may have this current plague taken from us.

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