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Moses’ Warning

If only the eyes of Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, et al, peoples everywhere could be opened to truth and they realized they are the Israelites of the Bible and can call upon the protection of God. They would then likely believe the stories, warnings, etc, related in the Old Testament.

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The Dominion of Fear

There are multitudes living in fear today in our society. We are experiencing the last gasps of the rule of the Adam man which is the same as the rule of Edom man. Coming soon is the rule of God in the person of Jesus Christ and the age of blessing by the Lord and the true Israel of God.

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A Rocky Road Ahead?

I live in Canada, separated from America by a closed border, so if it wasn’t for the occasional conversation on Seattle, I couldn’t appreciate the fear ordinary folks are enduring, knowing that parts of their beloved city is almost like a war zone and living with the fear that the violence could spread to residential neighbourhoods.

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The People of Faith

The chief misunderstanding is not to realise that the God of the Bible and of the whole biblical narrative is fundamentally linked to the nation of Israel and its history and development. Where and when other nations are mentioned it is only in respect to their association with Israel.

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O What Is Truth

Through our confusion, fear, anger and anxiety we will learn that this world cannot give us what we really need. All the phony gods that we worship today give us no peace and security because they are temporary and unfulfilling in the end.

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Terms of the Covenants

The Abrahamic covenant is explained in Genesis chapters 15 and 17. God made promises and did his part to confirm the promises. God promised Abraham and his descendants all of the land the Canaanite tribes possessed, and that Abraham’s descendants would multiply exceedingly.

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Love Thy Neighbor

Turbulence and unrest, just the way Satan likes it! He loves to see man turn against man and woman against woman. The times of trouble are here, and Satan is doing his best to stir the pot in our world for he knows his time is short.

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