Author: Moana Finch

Grateful For His Sacrifice

Once more the Sacrifice of our Lord is uppermost in our minds. Once again our hearts are lifted up in gratitude for this Supreme Gift to man. As in other years we are again overwhelmed that the love of the Sinless One was such...

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The Ancient Sabbath

The Sabbath, or the Lord’s Day of Rest, has largely been lost sight of during the days of the Patriarchs and the Edenic period. We think of the Sabbath as having been instituted at the giving of the Law, but it goes back...

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Our Lord’s Sacrifice

Our Lord, by the sacrifice of Himself, has covered many things and fulfilled many purposes. Hebrews 9:22 tells us that there is no remission for sins without the shedding of blood. In this short piece let us consider some of the...

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Trouble In This Life

Just lately several articles have appeared in various magazines relative to the suffering of the Christian. Strangely enough, the average Christian thinks he should be protected from all types of trouble. Now this is entirely...

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The New Covenant

We should all be very interested in this New Covenant, for it is the one under which we soon shall be living. The time is fast approaching when the Lord will bring it into force. The Lord wrote the terms of this New Covenant...

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