Author: Don Robson

The Rainbow

Lately, Noah has come into review, since the violence that offended God during his time is, according to Jesus Christ, to be a sign of the conditions prevailing just prior to His return to earth, when He to take possession of...

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Esau’s Legacy

The Bible contains many prophecies concerning Esau and I thought it might be useful to review what we know about him, gleaned from the Bible and the Book of Jasher, which supplies some details that are omitted in the Bible...

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Weather Control

Recently, our minister gave a sermon based on Elijah’s great victory over the prophets of Baal, but, as a personal aside, mentioned that he did not consider God responsible for the drought. For me, this took a lot of the...

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The Resurrection is the cornerstone of the Protestant faith, yet the church is unsettling in its ambiguity on this subject. Furthermore, it is usually only discussed at Easter and I have found over the years that the sermons on...

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The Towering Figure of Abraham

The Bible story of Abram really begins when he is seventy-five years of age when the Lord called him to leave the city of Haran and go to a place shown him by the Lord. Just as we have no record in the Bible of Jesus’...

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