Author: Don Robson

Sodom and the Supreme Court

This recent decision denigrating decency reminds me of the phrase in the Bible where evil is seen as good and good as evil. Of course, we have already dealt with the issue of Sodomy in the distortion of the marriage definition...

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The Perfect Election

So, our election is over and the Conservative Party won a minority government. It is interpreted as a mandate for change but nothing radical. The result is that many Canadians are unhappy, some are happy and some are moderately...

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The Glory of Benjamin

Benjamin had a rather poor start in life. The story is briefly told in Genesis 35: 16 – 18, “And they journeyed from Bethel; and there was but a little way to come to Ephrath: and Rachel travailed and she had hard...

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The Towering Figure of Abraham

The Bible story of Abram really begins when he is seventy-five years of age when the Lord called him to leave the city of Haran and go to a place shown him by the Lord. Just as we have no record in the Bible of Jesus’...

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The Law

For me, it is particularly annoying that the church presents the law as “fulfilled” in Jesus Christ, in spite of everything that the Bible says on this subject. They like to reference the two summarizing laws that...

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