Author: Charles Cadwallader

Our Most Immediate Necessity National Repentance

Gerald L.K. Smith, a longtime defiant warrior against the ruling powers of evil, and former Director of The Christian Nationalist Crusade, once said: “No clergyman, statesman, journalist or philosopher, within the orbit of my acquaintance or observation has enough intelligence to produce a saving formula for America or the world.” He was never more right, and, incidentally, his words point to the corollary that the nation that rejects God is doomed – the jig is up. Fortunately they [Nineveh] had the good sense to repent, and the City was saved. Simple, isn’t it? It was his way of repeating...

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Tempered Steel

There is a clause in the Divine Charter of our Race which says – ”If his children forsake My law and walk not in My judgments: If they break My statutes and keep not My Commandments, then will I visit their transgressions with the rod and their iniquity with stripes.” Psalm 39:30-34. Whom God selects for service He prescribes a hard schooling. All the heroes and great leaders in Israel’s history were people of super physical and spiritual might, obtained in the university of hard knocks. They were the kind of human steel of which Henry Ward Beecher sang in these words: “The steel that has suffered most is the best steel. It has been in the furnace again and again: it has been on the anvil: it has been tight in the jaws of the vice: it has felt the teeth of the rasp: it has been ground by emery: it has been heated and hammered and filed until it does not know itself, and it comes out a splendid knife. “And if men only knew it, what are called ‘misfortunes’ are God’s best blessings, for they are the moulding influences which give them shapeliness and edge, durability and power.” The world is in dire need of such leaders today, for surely, everyone knows that the globe is balancing precariously on the edge of the most fearful catastrophe...

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The Great Tribulation

That profound Biblical scholar, the late Rev. Wm. Pascoe Goard, of whom it has been said “takes us into the new and hitherto unexplored realms of Scripture,” has written: “The great tribulation described in Matthew 24th chapter is in the Kingdom of the Beast, and not in the Kingdom of Jehovah on earth. Except for the sympathetic disturbance within our boundaries, the great tribulation will not affect us.” While I accept that opinion with considerable reserve, I have no doubt that we shall be shelled and bombed unmercifully. The carnage and suffering as never before under the reign of an antichrist one-world dictatorship will, I think, be the expedient to bring us to our senses and nationally supplicate in an acceptable spirit of humility that will move God’s clemency to intervene. I have always contended that none of the chartered nations comprising the Israel Nations will suffer the indignity and terrors of an army of occupation, pinning my faith on such sweeping and miraculous promises of protection and security stated in the 91st Psalm and abundant other passages of Scripture – the miraculous deliverance of the Israelites from Egyptian bondage for example. “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” “Oh how great is Thy goodness which Thou hast laid up for them that fear Thee; which Thou...

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Extreme Moral Decay

Editor’s Note: When we think of the two great friends, Canada and America, our minds go quickly to the common bond, the long undefended borders, the closeness of the peoples and unfortunately, the moral decay of the past half-century. Without God as our centerpiece things have not been well for our two nations as greed, power, money, materialism and wickedness have formed the new foundation. This slightly abridged article by Mr. Cadwallader reflected a society four decades ago that was plummeting badly and to a great extent, he places the blame on the churches watering down God’s true message. Sadly, just as the prophet Jeremiah wrote, the people love it, for it makes it easier to excuse our sin natures and live to the fullest with our eyes closed in this mad, mad world. A moral landslide has struck our civilization with the impact of an earthquake, with the wicked straining every effort to get rid of the Bible and all Christian restraint. There is an undoubted feeling abroad that the various churches have been tried, and are found wanting. There is a famine for the true bread of life as these perilous times wax worse and worse. Most certainly there is “distress of nations with perplexity.” In churches were modernism holds sway the Word of God is held to be a myth; miracles are fairy stories, and so...

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We’re on the Spot

When the prophet Samuel was looking for a man most suitable to succeed Saul as King of Israel he got a search warrant. Under Divine guidance his choice settled upon a youthful shepherd lad named David. The time was when Israel and the Philistines were at war with each other. The Philistines had as their champion a super giant who stood 9 feet 3 inches and carried a 153 pound load of armour. What a man! He was also endowed with a stentorian voice to bellow defiance to the Israel host that sent the surrounding landscape ringing and the Israelites quaking with fear and trembling. For forty mornings and evenings this pantomine went on in the same contemptuous scorn that, in these days, some clergy and professors of higher education say of those who believe in their Israelitish identity in effect – “Who are you anyway? You’re just a group of nomads who claim to be descendants of the lost ten tribes of Israel. You’re lost alright – no doubt about that. You have no leaders amongst you with honours and degrees of scholarship such as our theologians and educationalists have. Why, you even haven’t got a church – bah!? In more boastful and barbarous terms Goliath taunted David – “Come to me, and I will give thy flesh unto the fowls of the air and to the beasts...

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