Author: Brooks Alden

A Christmas Wish

My wish this year is for Jesus Christ to be your honored guest. To lighten your heart, to fill your life & put your mind at rest. May He strengthen the ties that bind you, to those you really love. And touch your life in such a way, you will forever know His love.

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Where There is No Vision

When you think about this passage, you can’t help but look back throughout history and see nations with ambitious leaders reaching pinnacles of power through conquest of other nations, then ultimately fading into the pages of history. Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome quickly come to mind, and in modern times, there was France under Napaleon, Germany, first under Kaiser William, then Hitler, Austria-Hungary under the Hapsburg Dynasty, Italy under Mussolini and the Japanese under its military rulers.

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The Power of the Sabbath

At one time our Israel nations had laws on the books to prevent business from being contracted on the Sabbath, including sports and other events designed with a profit motive. You couldn’t even impose unnecessary labour on Israelites on the Sabbath. I read somewhere that at the World Exhibition in Paris in the year 1900, neither the British nor the United States would participate on Sundays.

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Thank You

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