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When foes assail and pursue And the query comes to you: “Master, How shall we do?” Open my eyes that I may see Heavenly Hosts surrounding me. Take away the dark’ning veil. Christ doth reign and shall prevail. There is an unseen...

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With A Friend

Look God, I have never spoken to You,But now I want to say “How do you do”,You see God, they told me. You didn’t exist,And like a fool I believed all this. Last night from a shell hole, I saw Your SkyI figured...

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Three Little Words

Just a few little words from the MasterAnd a touch from HIS hand Divine,Will accomplish more in a lightning’s flashThan Science in years of time. Just THREE TERSE WORDS—”Peace, be still.”Just as simple as they...

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Land of Our Birth

Land of our birth, we pledge to theeOur love and toil in the years to be,When we are grown and take our placeAs men and women with our race. Father in heaven, who lovest allO help thy children when they call;That they may build...

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The Holy Grail

I had no thought of what I heard,As on my bed I lay;No pre-conceived idea or plan,Had led me in this way. A Voice, unbidden, came to me,From out the ethereal blue;A Voice from unknown source,With a message, Oh! so true. The cup...

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