A Letter from A Prisoner

I am a prisoner incarcerated within the Michigan Department of Corrections. As such, I was quite moved by the letter from a prisoner, “Thank You Jesus!” published in vol. 33 #02, Feb. 2021 of TKC.

I have been a “Christian” for 50 years. However, since becoming aware of my identity and the Adamic history of the Holy Scriptures, I have been a true, dedicated servant of the Heavenly Father and our Kinsman Redeemer for the last 12 years.

As a lifer who may never get out of prison, I meet people such as James on a daily basis year after year. Most of these young men are looking for guidance and support and need a little nudge in the right direction.

I have used articles from TKC for about 8 years now as additional support to my interpretation of Scripture, when witnessing to these young men, who then became aware that what I am saying is held by others also. So please don’t ever assume that some prisoners are on your mailing list for reading material just to pass the lonely days and nights. There is plenty of material in here to accomplish that. Your publication is very important and needed in here.

James closed out his letter by saying, “I feel if I can help just one person, it makes everything worth it.” That’s how I feel. My life is not wasted in here when I am doing so much of the Lord’s work bringing our lost kindred back into the sheepfold. And the Association of the Covenant People through the TKC publication should feel proud of the great work they are doing though the prison ministry in bringing the message of hope and promise to so many prisoners who turned their lives around and serve our Elohim now instead of the world. Thank you all.