In her Christmas Message, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd, did her usual embrace of peoples of all cultures and religions, congratulating us all for working together during a very difficult year. Of our own Christianity she merely stated that it gave her faith to carry on. Sadly, she, as with many others, put all religions on the same level.

Back at the time of her Coronation, she promised to both God, and the Nation, to uphold the Protestant Faith – and I am quite sure that at that time she was quite determined to keep that promise, meaning fully every word she uttered. Perhaps this is why in her Christmas 2020 message, she looked totally unemotional and seemed to be reading something written by someone else with which she had no rapport.

Her so called advisers have, over recent years it seems, been influencing her to be politically correct – and careful – so as not to upset anyone.

On Christmas Eve, our prime minister Boris Johnson, was over the moon when he announced he had agreed to a Deal with the EU. On the face of it, it seems reasonable – and apparently is along the lines of a Canadian style deal. However as far as our fishermen are concerned, the deal falls short. So desperate was Boris to get a deal that he was happy to compromise and let down our fishermen – originally betrayed by Edward Heath when we were first deceitfully taken into this Babylonian set up – after saying he would stand firm.

Not only that, but we are not ‘officially’ allowed to rejoice at becoming free from the EU. Even back on 31st January 2020, our official leaving day, the celebrations were very muted. This is so as not to ‘offend’ the Remainers, and Boris stated that his trade deal should unite the country, – and of course, that we shall remain firm friends with our trading partners in Europe

Both Her Majesty, and prime minister are seeking to be all things to all people – but do they realize you cannot compromise your beliefs and your culture – without either watering them down or destroying them altogether. All of this ‘getting together’ and wanting to be the same is reminiscent of the days of the Tower of Babel. For where is God in all of this? And if all gods are one, where does Jesus Christ fit into this?

Do people actually realize the full extent of Jesus Christ Our Saviour being born and giving His Life for us? Do they understand? I doubt that many do, for even some of our Churches do not believe in the Old Testament section of our Holy Bible. They refer to the story of Adam and Eve as a ‘fairy story’…! But, that is, after all where it all started. That is where, after that first sin in the Garden of Eden, Mankind was plunged into an existence of life – and death…! Before that there was NO death. God told Adam and Eve that if they ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, in that day they would surely die. Satan beguiled Eve and told her that she would not die. And indeed, they did not die – there and then – but they did become subject to death at that moment! Indeed, we remember that a day with the Lord is a thousand years, and Adam lived over 900 years.

So that is the death that Jesus Christ the Son of God, the Holy Lamb of God, came to save us from! That curse has remained with us throughout every generation. Our leaders and medical people keep telling us on our TV sets that so many thousands of people have died through Covid related deaths ­but how many people die every day anyway? Death, sadly, is a fact of life. Jesus Christ offers us the hope of Resurrection and Eternal Life – through Him! Is there any other religion other than Christianity that offers this most wonderful Hope? The best that others can do is for example, to offer either a ‘Happy Hunting Ground’, or being reincarnated as a fish or a dog or some other creature!

Therefore, to tell others – of different cultures and religions – of Jesus Christ, is to actually help them beyond all measure! And you know we used to do this in olden days! Missionaries abounded, and the fruit of those missionaries do still exist in other lands – especially places such as Nigeria, where we read of Christian folk who are attacked, kidnapped, imprisoned, beaten, and even murdered – and yet who still hold true to their faith. For their love for the Lord Jesus Christ is so great – and it most surely puts those of us here in the West to shame, for it can well be said that they are more righteous than us!

May I ask then, for your fervent prayers for one such Christian; Leah Sharibu, who was 15 years old when she was kidnapped in February 2018 by Boko Haram from a College in Dapchi, Yobe state along with 109 Muslim girls. The Muslim girls were released, but because Leah refused to renounce her Christian faith she is still being held by these people. The British (Protestant) Church Newspaper give updates on her situation from time to time. No one, it seems, attempts to help free her. We need to pray for Leah with all of our hearts and ask the Lord for her to be released, and many others also in similar situations. May the Lord send His angels to watch over her and them, until that time!

When we consider Leah and others like her, then the cowardly stance of our own leaders in the West stick out like a sore thumb! We need a true leader who will not be afraid to state the Truth and to stand by it. Someone who is resolute in their faith and trust of Jesus Christ Our Saviour, instead of putting all their eggs in the science and pharmacy basket. And someone who is not afraid to teach of Jesus Christ and His Gospel of the Kingdom of God, to all who would hear!

Let us pray and ask the Lord that such a Godly leader may indeed be granted for His people.

Editor: In 1940, Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George V1, delivered his Christmas massage in the midst of World War 2. He went through the massive bombing of London and the frightening times the British people were suffering. He ended his message with, “The future will be hard, but with the help of God, we will make our way to justice and peace”. That was 80 years ago, two times a period of probation, both periods reflecting humiliation and servitude. Queen Elizabeth’s message gave credence to all religions and an acknowledgment of her faith. But, Britain is in the midst of another war, a pandemic, that is taking its toll on Britishers healthwise and economically. One would have expected she would have called out to God Almighty saying, “Jesus, we need your help again”. Our correspondent is likely right when she described a monarch in tune with political correctness. She could have studied history and realized that God came to the aid of His people whenever the people acknowledged His words at Isaiah 43: 10-11, “…. Before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me ….. And beside me there is no saviour”. We need the Lord God Almighty in our lives now, perhaps like never before.