Editor’s Comment: Some readers are just not into poetry and perhaps they will simply bypass this article. I hope not because the poem is really a story. So I encourage you to read it and compare it to your own understanding, or the dreams you have about the glorious Kingdom. God Bless.

It was a dream, yet, did it not seem so vivid and real‑
Was I really there, did I really stand at the foot of God
I recall- being swept up, with others did I go to meet Him
As He travelled to earth with His mighty Angelic force

Did I imagine the screams and cries of woe from the tares
As Angels gathered them, threw them to the fires to sleep
Was it Jesus Himself who assembled the rest of us to Him
To tell- us we would be part of His Kingdom here on earth

I sense His mesmerizing words ringing clearly in my head
Six days, He said, since man did lose the state of perfection
And here in this seventh day, the thousand-year millennium
I will again make you perfect, then return you to My Father

You have so much to learn, said Jesus, but I will teach you
Foolish shepherds. did lead you astray with their fairy tales
So, you paid no heed to the words I gave to noble prophets
When they spoke of wondrous blessings in My Kingdom

But, you are My Overcomers, a small remnant tis certain
Yet, one with which I will work to fulfill- My final purpose
Look around you, see your brethren, meet the prophets
Sense the peace of the Kingdom and the end of sorrow

My Kingdom will- be without war, without pain or strife
Pleasing will be your work as you learn my every way
Yea, children will-still come forth for a stronger world
Grow they will until like you they reach the ideal age

‘Then, the Lord told us to gaze upon our glorified bodies
To realize how our personal identities, remain preserved
To sense the immortality of our renewed flesh and bone
Knowing the joy of eating, yet, not knowing a weariness

Fear not, He said, your body is one My Spirit now governs
And no longer are you limited by time, or gravity, or space
You will sense joy in communing with nature and animals
Exploring the universe or maybe just living a purposeful Life

Suddenly I saw her a beautiful sight was this my mother
And when she saw me, love shone in her eyes as before
Then, we saw her mother, and my brother, and an old uncle
I was ecstatic as more ancestors kept gathering around us

I could feel the sheer joy of being re-united with loved ones
It was a time of loving, of sharing, of laughing and cheering
Others stopped to pass the time, including an ancient prophet
Oh, how we praised Christ for this gathering in His Kingdom

How sad I was when I awoke from such a pleasant sleep
And all those indescribable feelings of peace and joy and bliss
Still, it won’t be long before the scene in my dream is real
For six days have now closed, so soon the Lord will appear

“Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son,…” . Hebrews 1:1-2