As someone from the Biden Team might shout, “It’s all over but the shouting” whereas a Trumper might reply, “It’s not over till it’s over”. Nevertheless, at the time of this writing (Nov 7th) it does appear to be over and Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States.

If it is, what will be the most notable changes between the two administrations. Well, Trump’s oft call, “America First” and his follow through action certainly placed him in the role of a Nationalist. And Trump can point with pride to many accomplishments, like tax cuts, a booming economy, greater achievement and peace in the world through strength and the demand for fairness. And of course, three Nobel peace nominations. Contributing to his downfall, I believe, were three issues, the first was the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic, which he could have handled differently. The second was his poor showing in the first debate, he came across as a bully and an angry man. The third was his enemy that the Bible refers to as the false prophet, the MEDIA, and the Media’s cohorts, Big Teck, Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Corporate world and Hollywood. A pretty formidable group. Yet, also rival countries like China and Russia are worthy of mention.

Joe Biden is certainly not an unknown as he has been around the corridors of power for some 47 years. With eight years as Vice-President, he has a good idea of what it takes to be successful as president He has an amiable personality, so a softer approach toward world leaders might actually aid in some of the relationships. Time will tell how he will perform as president but we in the Israel World must wish him great success.

Nonetheless, he has been influenced a great deal by the far left and there is the danger of a swing to socialist ideology. More will be discovered on this when his policies are introduced and we see the makeup of his cabinet. Then, considering his age and status of his health, we have to be concerned with the very far left of the incoming Vice-President, Kamala Harris. And her close colleague, Bernie Sanders.

Turning back in time to the year 1950, One of the Association’s noted writers, Janet Lansdowne, wrote a revealing book based on Bible prophecy entitled, The Coming Conflict. Some of the early words of the book might well have been describing this moment in time, or the events of the seventh prophetic hour which we have described in recent issues of TKC. Her statement, “The danger cannot be overcome by being overlooked”. I’m sure if she was alive today, she would offer this advice to Mr. Biden as he assumes the mantle of the most powerful office in the world. “Mr. Biden, if we are to prevent this world from being carried headlong down the road to utter destruction, we must strain every nerve and fibre of our corporate national beings to the uttermost. We must remain true to that Christian heritage of freedom which has been the source of all the genius of the Anglo-Saxon peoples”. You, Mr Biden, must exhibit the type of leadership that your people can trust”.

It will be interesting to see if the new President will enact all those left-wing policies that those around him during the campaign pushed him to spout or will he be his own man and to adopt a Trumpism, “Make America Great Again”. Will he be a “Jimmy Carter “ or one of his greatest Predecessors. Harry Truman.