One of the earliest symbols of the nascent Christian Church was the fish, and its pictorial use was employed extensively to identify the location of Christian groups, who were often in hiding from their Roman persecutors. Our Lord Jesus Christ employed fishing imagery during His earthly ministry, Not only were several of His disciples fishermen, they were called upon to be ‘fishers of men’. One of His most famous miracles involved fish – the feeding of the five thousand. There also are the stories of the tribute money in St Matthews Gospel and the fishes caught in the net numbering 153.

Our country (Britain), whose history is one of being founded on Christianity, has been described as an island built on coal and surrounded by fish, the coal being symbolic of the Industrial Revolution which took place in the 18m and 19m centuries, the basis for Britain’s eminence in the material world. Our fish also were of great national importance, until that is, we foolishly surrendered them to the European Union as a ‘common resource’. The story of this crime is worthy of exposition.

Britain, along with Norway (who sensibly subsequently declined to accept the terms), Denmark and Ireland had applied to join the then European Economic Community in 1970, and this application had been informally accepted. However, in a last minute trap, sprung by the Brussels Hegemony, we were told that we would not be admitted unless we agreed that our territorial waters and the fish they contained, were subsumed to the Communities Partner Countries equally. This paved the way for Spanish factory ships to literally hoover up all of our fish, whilst our fishermen’s livelihoods went to the wall, and they were advised to burn their boats – for compensation! The Treaty of Rome contained no clause or policy on fishing, but this did not stop the EEC from amending something that had not formally existed, to our eternal shame and detriment. Our government, led by someone, who many consider to be a traitor, Edward Heath, raised no objection to this grand larceny. At present, the EU is making a big fuss over a last- minute amendment that we wish to make to safeguard the transfer of goods between Northern Ireland and the mainland. Obviously, they can play by different rules when it suits them.

Now the tide has turned, so to speak, and we are demanding that the European Union get out of our territorial waters. The final action in this saga is to be determined shortly and will show the world whether or not traitors still rule in this precious land of ours.

You may think that the decimation of our country’s industries is a recent thing, but it has been going on ever since the second world war, when our reward for helping to defeat the Nazi Reich was to be first gutted by the Soviet Union’s industrial espionage agents acting through Trades Unions, creating endless strikes, and some Members of Parliament working for the communist takeover of the world. And latterly by the equally noxious European Union whose dictatorship is little different in reality from the earlier Soviet Block. China has replaced Russia as the chief driver of World Communism and you might think that the EU would regard China as a threat. However, we can see from the following recent quotes that this not the case.

“It is not possible to shape the world of tomorrow without a strong EU-China relationship” EU President , says Ursula von de Leyen. “it is in in Europe’s utmost interest to work closely with China on all fronts” – this from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. So once again, as in the former Molotov/Ribbentrop pact of the late 1930’s, we see the fascist tendencies of Europe allying themselves with atheistic communism.

The largest fish market (still) in Europe is Billingsgate in London. The first records of fish being sold in this area date back to 1016AD, before the Norman Conquest, but it did not become a fully free and open market until 1698AD in the reign of William 3rd of Glorious Revolution fame. The original site, by the Thames, near London Bridge, closed in 1982AD when it was moved to Canary Wharf in the Isle of Dogs. The market was not named after any relatively recent personage, but probably obtained its name from the early British King Belinus, who in 390BC assaulted and captured Rome with a British Army. (NB. – The Romans, who had ground so many nations under their despotic heel, looked upon all others with scorn as inferiors, labelling every enemy as barbarians, no matter how magnificent their culture” -” The Drama of the Lost Disciples” by George F. Jowett).

You know, it makes me very sad that our people have forgotten how we have sustained many centuries of the most appalling abuse by those emanating from Europe. Will the Lord finally rescue us again from these evil despots (and from our unbelief).

Another very famous mention of a fish in the Bible is the story of Jonah, who was ordered by God to take a mission of warning to the people of Nineveh, and how he had to be swallowed by a great fish. Some ask ‘how could he have survived three days in the belly of a ‘whale’? Yet, Our Lord, when asked for a sign by the Pharisees said the only sign that He would give was of the Prophet Jonas. Here is absolute confirmation of this event, but not only that, also an indication of just how important this event was. Jonah was directed against his will to serve the Lord. Does the same now apply to us?

As stated earlier, the fish was one of the earliest symbols of the Christian community. This was because the letters of the Greek alphabet for the word ‘fish’ ichthys – were seen as an acronym for ‘Iesous Christos Theou Hyios Soter’ – ‘Jesus Christ, of God, the Son, Saviour’. The enemies of our lands are numerous and have entwined themselves into almost all of our institutions. They think that they have us in their tight grip. But perhaps they will rediscover at the end, that there is nothing quite as slippery as a fish. Amen