In ‘Thy Kingdom Come‘ issue June 2020, our Editor, Brooks Alden wrote a very good and thought-provoking article entitled “The Die is Cast“. Covering seven Prophetic Hours, each lasting 15 years (beginning 1918), Brooks took us up to the 7th Hour, in which we are currently living, and which takes us to 2023. In his summary he comments that; The whole Word of God is founded upon the number 7.'” He also tells us that “the word finished’ and It is done” are connected with the number 7. It is certainly a very big subject!

So, keeping with the number 7, I hope you may find the following as a bit of added interest.

Back in July 2016, at Buxton, England, Michael Clark, speaking at the BIWF convention commented on the then candidate for the US Presidential election, Donald Trump. Indicating that he felt Mr. Trump might well win, he then said – perhaps tongue in cheek – and will this be the last Trump?

This has always stuck in my mind – and you know they do say that many a true word is spoken in jest…!

As we well know, on 8th November 2016 Donald Trump was indeed elected President, and now in this year of 2020 he is up for re-election for a second term. Such are the upheavals of protests, riots, and corona virus that if he were to win a second term it would indeed be every much a miracle as was his original win. But if it is the Will of Almighty God, then it will indeed happen. Time will of course tell, and we should pray for America, and for her deliverance from those who are seeking to bring her down – because for all her faults, she has still been a Beacon of Light in the world over many years.

Donald Trump has an uncanny link with the number 7! When Mr. Trump was inaugurated as US President on 20th January 2017, he was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old.

If 7 denotes perfect completion, with all these 7’s, are we returning to Biblically prophetic times? If so, it should be no surprise to see meaningful 7’s reappearing. But does Donald Trump turning 70, 7 and 7 the very day he becomes President connect to Biblical times in a more specific way? Jonathan Cahn (who wrote The Harbinger and The Oracle) does. He (a Christian Jew) thinks Donald Trump is a prophetically named President (the trump sounds on the jubilee he says, see Lev 25:9), and one who recognised Jerusalem as capital of the Israeli state exactly 70 years after the UN voted the modern land of Israel into existence.

Concerning 70, 7, and 7 – Mr. Cahn tells us it is a simple mathematical fact that the sum of one’s birthday and the date AD 7/7/70 is the day one turns 70/7/7. In other words, 6 months, 14 days and 1946 years after AD 7/7/70, Donald Trump (born 14/6/1946) turned 70/7/7. AD 7/7/70 was a week before the AD 70 Roman breach of Jerusalem on 17th Tammuz which led to the destruction of the 2nd Temple. Mr. Cahn also believes that this date is also the anniversary of the fall of the 1st Temple.

So, going back to Donald Trump’s birth on 14th June 1946 (apparently within 15 minutes of a total lunar eclipse blood moon), it was 700 days later, on May 14th 1948, that the land of Palestine was given over to the Esau/Jewish mixed peoples by the UN and the Israeli state was born, and when it was exactly 77 days old, it was the 777th day of Mr. Trump’s life.

During his 70th year on 8th November 2016 he was elected President. At that time the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had just finished his 7th year, 70 month and 7th day in office.

Seven months after his first full day in office on 21 Jan 2017, a total solar eclipse occurred – the first to be seen exclusively in the US since before the nation was formed in 1776. This eclipse took place on the 21″ August and was 286 days after Donald Trump was elected President. Now, while 2 + 8 + 6 = 16 and 1 + 6 -= 7 the number 286 is also, according to Dr Ballinger in his book; `Numbers in Scripture’ the number of Displacement, linking up with Great Pyramid. And, quoting from The Language of Numbers by the Covenant Publishing Company; “286, wherever applied in chronological reckoning, signifies man’s displacement from God’s plan of perfection. It is the measure of human error; warning that man and his plans and purposes are out of alignment with the Divine Will. When this displacement is overcome for the Building Race, as it will be, then the Headstone, or Chief Cornerstone – Jesus Christ – will take His rightful place in the “times of restitution of all things” (Acts 3:20-21), which will usher in the “New Order of the Ages (Psalm 118:22-23; Matt 21;42). (Please get this booklet from the BIWF for the full explanation and details also of 288 the number of Restoration), I believe this displacement is because the current residents of ‘Israel’ are not the true /complete Israelite peoples. But the events taking place are all a part of Almighty God’s unfolding plan.

Interestingly, 7 years from 2017, which brings us to 2024, sees another eclipse crossing the US (and Canada), this time the path will take it across the path of the 2017 event. The crossing place will apparently be “Salem”. This name is associated in Genesis 14:18 where we read ‘And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was priest of the most-High God.’ Sometimes Jerusalem is referred to as Salem. But this Salem, in America, was also the place of the last witchcraft trials. A link with Judgement perhaps?

The Senate impeachment trial of President Trump began on 21st January 2020, exactly 3 years to the day from his first full day in office. He was 73 years, 7 months and 7 days old on the 1st day of the trial. 7 weeks to the day since the House of Representatives voted to impeach him (December 18th, 2019), Mr. Trump was acquitted in the senate (February 5th, 2020).

President Trump first met Vladimir Putin in person, on 7 . 7 . 17. President Putin was exactly 777 months old on that day – and 7. 7. 17 being in the Jewish year of 5777 (October 24, 2016 – September 20th 2017). 70 months and 7 days after 7. 7. 17 takes us to 14. 5. 2023 – the 75th anniversary of the modern Israeli State – and the day that President Putin reaches the 70 years, 7 months and 7 days milestone. And this all takes place 700 days after Donald Trump’s 75th birthday.

Chinese Leader Xi Jin Ping also factors in the ‘7’s club! Like President Putin, Xi Jin Ping was already in power at the time Donald Trump became President, and at the time of his 2017 jubilee recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Now, Xi Jin Ping was born on 15. 6. 1953. Taking time zones into account, you could essentially say he was horn on Donald Trump’s 7th birthday (14. 6. 1953).

717 months after Xi Jin Ping’s birth and President Trump’s 7th birthday, brings us to 14. 3. 13. But here in the UK we express the day and the month the other way around to that of Americans. Thus over there it would be 3. 14. 13 and this apparently has the nickname Einstein’s ‘Pi Day’ (Pi being 3.14 – or 22 over 7 – the ancient number for Pi, which is used to determine the size of a circle. This figure for Pi is used in all ancient geometry). This is the day Xi Jin Ping became President of China. And taking the time zones into account, Xi Jin Ping will reach his 70 years, 7 months and 7 days – on what would be the 7th anniversary of Donald Trump becoming President. He would of course be 77 years, 7 months and 7 days on the same day, (America being a day behind China).

So where do we stand in all this and what does it mean? There are 22 groups of sevens in the Book of Revelation – the same number as letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. Both Revelation and the number Seven are intricately interwoven, with these Sevens part of a much larger plan, formulated from before the beginning of time, by the unfathomable and wonderful mind of our Creator. And the number Seven relates to the making of a Covenant, a sworn oath – the Hebrew word for ‘Swear’ is the same word used for ‘Seven’.

However, beginning with Revelation chapter 19, there are no more sevens! Instead we have an array of twelve’s. The New Jerusalem is replete with them. So, when the Sevens have run their course – maybe when the seventh hour is up! – Divine Government, represented by the Number Twelve steps in!