Since the World’s experience with Covid-19, things have been different than at any time in the past, barring the events of two World Wars. We are living in unprecedented times as the world seems to be cowering in fear from an unknown ‘virus’ that we’re told has swept around the world laying low many in its wake. To combat this present scourge governments have instituted draconian measures to fight the ‘contagion’. As a consequence, civil liberties have been dismantled at a mind-boggling pace.

Australia hasn’t been spared, and in fact, when we consider what is happening in the State of Victoria, there has never been a time like it. It can be truly said, that of any state, it certainly is a Time of Jacob’s troubles. Let me explain a few things that are happening in Victoria. The citizens there are confined to their homes and not allowed out except to go shopping for groceries and then only one person from a home is allowed to go to the grocery store. Non-essential businesses have been shut down and people can only exercise for one hour a day within a five-kilometre radius of their homes. When out-and-about, masks have to be worn. In Melbourne, the capital, police are checking on people to see if they have legitimate reasons to be away from home. Workers (such work that’s being done) on their way to and from work are often stopped by the police and have to give an explanation why they are travelling. The police are being assisted in the rigid enforcement of the rules by military personnel. Essentially, it can be said, that Victoria has been turned into a police state. The government of Victoria has been able to have its parliament extend the length of the emergency law for another six months. Of any place in the world, Victoria has had the longest lock down, and it could continue for weeks.

On September 5, there were protests in various locations throughout Australia about the way government’s have been handling the Covid ‘crisis’. In Melbourne the police were quick to respond to the protestors (some estimates have been as high as in the tens of thousands) and many people were arrested and fined over $1600.

However, in the other states the measures to fight the ‘virus’ haven’t been as draconian as in Victoria. People have been encouraged to maintain social distancing but have been free to travel anywhere within their state boundaries. But Victorians are not allowed into adjoining states. The border between New South Wales and Queensland is closed and people from places close to the Qld border have to have a pass to go into Qld. Similar restrictions apply between NSW/Vic and South Australia. The Western Australian border is closed to outsiders as well. I should also mention that churches in Victoria are only allowed to have five people attend service. Live streaming of services is the new normal. It boggles the mind how easily the “Christian” church world capitulated to all the draconian measures. If there has ever been a world exercise in total people control the ‘virus’ certainly has been the way to do it successfully.

Written by Jay Nauss