We often come across those who seek to disparage Christianity by saying “why would God allow this or that to happen”. On the reverse side we know of thousands who have not recanted their faith despite intense suffering. These opposing outlooks are illuminating because they highlight the fact that the true nature of Biblical history is not understood, and that the role of the chief biblical personalities has been partly clouded.

The chief misunderstanding is not to realise that the God of the Bible and of the whole biblical narrative is fundamentally linked to the nation of Israel and its history and development. Where and when other nations are mentioned it is only in respect to their association with Israel. The twelve tribes of Genesis 49 are the substance of Israel, Jacob’s name was changed to Israel and it was Israel that suffered the Bill of Divorcement because of her adultery with other gods. All other religions apart from the Hebrew faith and its Christian extension are counted for nothing. In fact, there is and always has been a command from Almighty God that the Israel people should have nothing to do with the heathen and counterfeit religions on pain of death. Jesus stated clearly that “I pray for them. I pray not for the world, but for them which thou has given me”, John 17:9, and in Matthew 15:24 said “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel”. To emphasise the link between the rulership of the world and the House of Israel, we must remind ourselves of that very well known verse of Isaiah 9:7 – Of the increase of His government and peace, there shall be no end, upon the throne of DAVID”.

On the subject of doubt, some think that Christ Jesus, Our Lord was not crucified at all and that the whole story of the Resurrection is false and that Jesus came down from the Cross and married Mary Magdalene. Some of this sentiment allies today with the desire that God’s people will not be revived from their sloth and delusion, but merely slide off into an inconsequential and unimportant historic footnote. Others might say that even if Our Lord was crucified, that His mission was pointless since it ended in failure and left the world unfulfilled by revival or renewal. These speak to the eternally disappointed who glory in spiritual self-pity and who love to spread their disaffection with all things holy. They will say as the Pharisees mocked, “He saved others, himself he cannot save”. (Matthew 27:42)

Now here is the point which binds the strands above. If Our Lord was not firstly and fore-mostly the God of Israel there would have been no need for the Crucifixion and subsequent Resurrection. He, even presupposing that He was God the Son and accepted as such, could simply have saved the world by using the agencies of Miracles and the Legions of Angels at his disposal. End of Story! In the previous cleansing of the world, in Noah’s time, no harm was brought to the Divine Person or Persons in any way.

The fact that Our Lord suffered His fate with loving acceptance on the Cross is proof positive of His abiding link with the Divinely created, if subsequently imperfect nation of Israel, for whom He is the Redeemer. And without this Act of Redemption, the way would not be open for Him to act as Saviour of the whole world.

In addition to all this, all of the Commandments and instructions in the Holy Bible are directed primarily to the Israel people. They are not aimed at the other nations, with whom Israel is forbidden to be formally bound. When the Bible speaks of forgiveness and other righteous attitudes, it is for the guidance of Israelites, one to another. We are not advised to treat all other peoples as equal to ourselves; indeed, the Lord states that if we obey His Commandments, we will be blessed above all other nations. Our status does not depend on the opinions of others, but on our deliverance from sinful ways. If we abide by the Divine Law, nothing can touch us, but if we do not this thing, then we are open to every prey and delusion, leading to destruction. Moreover, in the restored world to come, the servants of Our God are represented by the symbolic 144,000 of Revelations, chapter 7, being 12,000 each of the twelve tribes of Israel, the name Israel meaning “Ruling with God”. Of course, Satan hates all this ‘privilege’ and attempts to subvert the Will of the Almighty by the false doctrines of equality and diversity. My friends, there is no equality and diversity under God in the way that this is currently presented. But unfortunately, sinful man has no defence against the nuanced subtlety of the devil, which is why it is so important to have a heart that is pure; another thing that Satan absolutely hates.

There is truly a monumental attempt taking place to deprive Jacob/Israel of her birthright and replace her with a demonic world order of fear and persecution and an aggression which will never be satisfied. The accuser is having a grand time, because the majority have been fed a false gospel for decades. The consequences of this is that we now live in a house built on sand.

There is a slogan doing the rounds today that worships this false equality, but which is not interested in true equality of life under God’s rule and grace. Rather the slogan is an axiom for degeneration and decay. It pretends that the current situation of any people is haphazard and has no connection with the past sins of that people. Well, God is a just God and He is no respecter of either persons or peoples. The path of true progress can never be achieved by violence or revenge. Revenge is mine, thunders the Almighty, I will repay.

Suffering is part of an unregenerate life, given over to selfishness and greed. None who have transgressed and not repented will escape. We have to believe this, because if we do not, the only result will be anarchy. Happily, Our Lord God who knows all things, has everything in HIS world under control and we are not to fret that this may not be so. This is where our faith comes in, not simply a faith that believes in Our Lord Jesus Christ, but one that is informed by and glories in the supreme knowledge that all things are proceeding in accordance with His Divine Will.

To outline the importance of the True Faith as held by His Servant Race, we read in 1 Corinthians 6:2-3 in the Moffatt version “Do you dare to go to law in a sinful pagan court instead of laying the case before the saints” (who are to manage or judge the world). And are reminded in Revelations 21:12&23, speaking of the New Jerusalem “And names written thereon which are the names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel” and “the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it” (the New Jerusalem).

Therefore, we see the fundamental importance of the House of Israel to the end of Satan’s rule and the return of our rightful King, Lord Jesus.