“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times”
Charles Dickens from the Tale of Two Cities

It seems like only yesterday when President Donald Trump was trumpeting America’s fabulous economy; the record employment rate for minorities and women; the soaring equity markets; the benefit of the tax cuts; the great trade deals; the strength of the military; and so many other achievements during the first three years of his Administration. He didn’t use the exact words but to Trump and America, he probably thinks, “It was the best of times”.

Then, disaster struck! The astonishing spread of Coronavirus and the alarming number of deaths created panic in the country; then the lockdown of the economy, churches, etc. that is still going on; unemployment rates not seen since the 1929 Great Depression; the escalating business failures; political upheaval where anything goes; escalating debt in an attempt to pacify the people, and other things. Then, the riots, violence, fires, murders and deaths in major cities across the nations. And so, Trump might use words like, “it is the worst of times”.

There are so many unanswered questions.

One that I can’t seem to get out of my mind is why so many of America’s youth have joined forces with rabble rousers and criminals to wrack havoc on society. The over several months assault on police, other authorities, public buildings, businesses, and even statues and monuments celebrating history cannot certainly be excused. So, Why! Why! Why!

The prime reason, I guess, is what I wrote in an editor’s note for an earlier article this month, “we are reaping the fruits of turning away from God. There are dozens of passages in the Bible warning of punishment for ignoring God’s Laws and Commandments; Deuteronomy 28 outlines the blessings in the first 14 verses and the curses throughout the balance of the 68-verse chapter. The Apostle Paul gave this warning in Galatians 6:7, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”.

I live in Canada, separated from America by a closed border, so if it wasn’t for the occasional conversation on Seattle, I couldn’t appreciate the fear ordinary folks are enduring, knowing that parts of their beloved city is almost like a war zone and living with the fear that the violence could spread to residential neighbourhoods. Fear and Anger – two terrible companions to live with.

In a conversation with a young man here in Vancouver, I was surprised when he said that if he were in one of the major American cities, he too would join in on the protests. He went on to say that he was tired of working every day and not having enough to support his growing family as he would like. It is sad that a huge percentage of our citizens, as well as our American cousins, have at best, a few hundred dollars in savings to meet emergencies. And when you think about it, in our so-called lands of milk and honey, how could this be?

It did not happen all at once, that is for certain. Yet, it will be brought to an abrupt close; and fairly soon. I won’t go into it again this month but we are in the seventh prophetic hour since the last tribe of Israel came out of the punishment in 1918, a punishment imposed upon the people in Leviticus 26:18. Do your arithmetic and you will realize there are but three years remaining. Now, I am not saying that 2023 will be the end of the age but I would not bet against it either. There are just too many indicators that “Man’s system” or the “Satanic control” is about ready to collapse.

Some would say it cannot come too soon. As a Christian, I do not like what the protesters are doing and believe that some steps must be taken to bring the violence and carnage to a close as quickly as possible. Yet, as I wrote earlier, so many of the protesters are just ordinary folks caught up in a movement and convinced they must act to better America and better themselves, but they have a great dislike and distrust of government, as well as most of their elected representatives, who appear more concerned with the trappings of power, prestige, and wealth than they are with the betterment of the country. Certainly, the present divisions in the nation, the political hate and negative election fever is overwhelming.

Is this whole sorry mess just a plank in the plan of god? To consider this, we should once again look at the main pinnacles of the seven prophetic hours from 1918 and as we do, it should become obvious that the losers have been the people, so to speak, and the winners, the elite. That is why each year the wealth gap between the rich and poor is dramatically widening. And maybe at this moment in time, everything is coming together to create “the Perfect Storm”, so to speak.

The first prophetic hour (1918-1933) was a tremendous boon for the Satanic control of the world. Recall that the Federal Reserve Bank, privately owned by member banks (some European) came into existence in 1913/14. So, when in 1929, they contracted (restricted) the supply of money, it brought on the Great Depression, as one industry after another was gobbled up. Then in 1933, President Roosevelt confiscated the gold holdings of Americans at a ridiculous price, almost immediately raised it so that it wiped out 69% of the former owner’s equity, then cancelled the gold clause, in effect causing billions more in losses.

The second prophetic hour ended 1948 was highly profitable for the war profiteers and the establishment of the modern Israeli State gave way to trillions of dollars in aid, protection, and conflict. Oh, Happy Days for the elite.

The third prophetic hour ended with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who had the audacity of wanting to issue interest free money. Couldn’t have this! Then, the fourth, a real boon. Oil prices quadrupled (and no stopping since) and Nixon uncouples gold. Happy oil companies and bankers as the money rolled in. The fifth prophetic hour saw the massive 80’s recession and more great buying opportunities for the elite.

The sixth was the Banker’s delight when they had a trillion handed to them by the American Treasury. Remember the slogan, “Too Big to Fail”. And oh, the beginning of the trillions more debt as we waded in bigtime in Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember, the politicians told us, “They possessed weapons of mass destruction”. Certainly, as our debt escalated a smile widened on the faces of bankers.

Here we are in the seventh and the coronavirus has already seen America add six trillion to the debt. Who’s smiling now? And now, only three years out from 2023, we are deep in do-do and the difficulty we have experienced in the first years of this seventh prophetic hour I project will feel like a picnic when compared to the three years ahead of us. More disease, economic disaster, possibly war of a world-wide magnitude.

Christians, follow the advice of Isaiah 26:20, “Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers …… hide thyself …..” And why? “For behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: ….” Whether that happens in late 2023, who knows, or perhaps it will take place very soon in the eighth prophetic hour. But it will happen! Time will certainly tell but it won’t be long before those unscrupulous rich who have lived in pleasure at the expense of most of our people will get their come-uppance. (James 5:5) But the answer is not to protest violently and cause the great destruction going on right now. The Apostle James in Chapter 5:7&8 sets the stage, verse 8 in particular cautions, “Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh”.