A reader said to me, “Normally, after reading an article like you published in June entitled ‘The Die is Cast’, I would have read it, considered it interesting and thought-provoking and then gone on to read the balance of the magazine. But now, I really do believe we need another miracle”.

He went on, “Yes, of course, our entire Christian World today is really in need of a Miracle. And when I reached the end of your article relating to the Seventh Prophetic Hour and the comment by Evangelist Vallowe, ‘The whole Word of God is founded upon the number SEVEN’, I couldn’t help but reflect on what the climax to the prophetic hour ending in 2023 will look like. That is only 3 or 3.5 years away. Mr. Editor, were you suggesting that we had better begin to look up for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ?”

A tough question to answer, don’t you think? Certainly, we should be looking for the return of Christ, we are told just that in the Holy Bible, but we are also told we are not to know the time. Yet, we like to speculate and try to read prophecy, even though prophecy is all about confirming God’s Word after events take place.

Nevertheless, there is little doubt but that the world is in a critical stage right now. It is also a fact that just like the other six prophetic hours described by me last month, where major events took place throughout each year of each prophetic hour, and ended with a key happening, that each prophetic hour certainly enhanced the fortunes, both politically and economically, of the unscrupulous rich individuals and corporations. And if you think back in time, all six prophetic hours greatly boosted man’s system in the war against God’s system. I believe this might be better described as “the Satanic system versus God’s System”.

It is also a fact that during this current prophetic hour (15 years) ending 2023, there have been major events that took place in the lands of the two sons of Joseph, or the Birthright tribes of “Ephraim Britain” and “Manasseh America”. If you are an Israelite, and most of our descendants were/are citizens of these two nations, then you might agree that very important events occurred throughout the current prophetic hour to date, but specifically in the year 2016. Indeed, somehow, I think in the Plan of God, this year of 2016 is a highly significant year in the prophetic hour pattern, much the same as when 1929 brought the great depression in the first prophetic hour or the second world war occurring in the second prophetic hour and so on. You get the idea as there were equally important major events in all of the first six periods.

June 2016 — Britishers Spoke

June 2016 — Britishers Spoke

If you are a Britisher, you can think back to June 2016, to that momentous vote to break away from the EU. You had lots of opposition from the corporate world, politicians and others, but finally the big day came in 2020 and as many believed, fulfilled Revelation 18:4, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people ……”, although, as I write, they are still haggling over the terms of withdrawal.

Still, as optimism for their new nation, after leaving the EU, began to flourish in early 2020, all of the sudden – BOOM – Covid 19 – causing the great lockdown. Britishers were asked not to leave their homes unless for essential needs, and gatherings of more than two people were banned. Freedom was compromised. All non-essential stores, places of worship, gyms, libraries and playgrounds were closed. Unemployment skyrocketed and the nation’s economy has been badly damaged. The question is “Will it come back to pre-lockdown days, or, as some people of note predict, “will we soon experience other disasters, beginning, perhaps, with further economic hardship?”

November 2016 -- The Surprising Win

November 2016 — The Surprising Win

If you are an American, remember November 2016 – the unanticipated election of President Donald Trump! He has had enemies from government, corporations and the media constantly on his back and yet, despite conspiracies and hoaxes, through his policies, there was remarkable progress in every aspect of the nation, so that when in early 2020, he could rightfully boast that the economy was never better in the history of America. Then, all of the sudden – BOOM -Covid 19, then the lockdown, unemployment not seen since the 1929 depression, trillions of dollars of new debt and much distrust. And freedoms were compromised. “Will it ever come back to pre-lockdown days, or, as some experts say, “will we encounter even greater disasters?”

I will not mention other Israelite countries in this short article, but the same basically applies. Take Canada, for example, some ask if the lockdown was necessary because of the pain it has and will continue to inflict on particularly ordinary Canadians.

Still, what is interesting are the similarities surrounding the year 2016 up to the apex of the seventh prophetic hour to 2023, and surprisingly, even before the year 2016. I haven’t studied it carefully but one day soon, perhaps our Bible study group will look at Daniel 9 to see if there is some connection to the approximate three and a half years from 2016 to 2020, relating to both events, that is, Britain leaving the EU and Trump’s election. It is interesting too, that from 2016 to 2023, you arrive at “seven” again. Perhaps it prompts us to reflect on Revelation 10:7, “In the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished”.

Our correspondent, Jeff Casillo, wrote to remind me that 2023 also adds to seven.

I have been studying prophecy for nearly thirty years and it never ceases to amaze me how everything is there for our revelation. We may not be able to look forward with certainty, but we certainly can look backward. For instance, let us go back in time from 2016 and see if there is anything intriguing? First, however, we should refresh our knowledge that since a prophetic hour is shown to be 15 years, it stands to reason that a prophetic day is 360 years (24 hours times 15 years) or, as described in the Bible, a period of “one time”.

So, going back from 2016, deducting one time of 360 years brings us to the year 1656. Is this a significant year?

Well, America Manasseh is relatively young so we really cannot deduct more than “one time” from 2016, but it is interesting when we do, we come at that moment in 1656 when the Quakers arrived in New England from England. They were a persecuted sect and this and the desire for spiritual freedom motivated them to flee England and establish a religious haven in Pennsylvania. Although few in number, they have been very influential in the history of reform. They took a significant part in the movement for the abolition of slavery, and also promoted equal rights for women, and peace. They have promoted education and the humane treatment of prisoners and the mentally ill, through the founding or reforming of various institutions. Quaker entrepreneurs also played a central role in forging the Industrial Revolution. They have certainly made an impact.

Ironically, history has not been kind to the only two U.S Presidents who were Quakers, Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon; Hoover with the 1929 Great Depression, which brought about his poor showing at the polls, and subsequent election loss, and Nixon with his Watergate, which brought about his resignation.

Turning to British Ephraim, we can readily see the impact going back from 2016, primarily because we can trace British roots through many centuries. Yet, for this article, I will look at only the last two times of 360 years, the first to 1656, as mentioned above, and the second, or two times (2 x 360 or 720 years), taking us to the year 1296.

Stone of Destiny - Encased in the specially designed throne commissioned by Edward I

Stone of Destiny – Encased in the specially designed throne commissioned by Edward I

Let me begin by showing you something remarkable. In referring to the Throne of David, Ezekiel 21:27 God tells us, “I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him”. The first overturn was when the prophet Jeremiah took the daughter of Zedekiah and the Stone of Destiny (Gen 29:18) to Ireland where the daughter married the Irish King. The second overturn was when Fergus sent for the Stone from Scotland for His Coronation as King of Scotland. Then the third overturn in 1296 was when King Edward I of England conquered Scotland and brought the Stone to England where he had a specially built throne constructed to house the stone. That was the third overturn, although the Stone was returned to Scotland, a part of the UK, in 1996 (seven hundred years later – there is that 7 again) for safekeeping. It will be returned to London to be once again placed in the specially designed throne when needed for a future coronation. Of course, the monarch and the King Edward Throne remain in London.

This date of 1296 is not just a coincidence, it is merely a plank in God’s Plan. Still, I must admit I cannot offer the significance of three and a half years from 1296.

But what of “one time” from 2016, that is 1656? You might recall that King Charles 1st was deposed and executed in the year 1949, ironically one prophetic day from 2009, the opening year of the seventh prophetic hour to 2023. Anyway, Cromwell was Lord Protector, although, in reality, the “Dictator” in 1656 when the Second Protectorate was sworn in, but even then, pressure was on to bring Charles II back from exile. You might recall that he had already been crowned. Anyway, Cromwell died in 1658 and Charles was returned in 1660, ironically, approximately three and a half years after his September 1656 swearing in.

King Edward I - The Hammer of the Scots

King Edward I – The Hammer of the Scots

Looking ahead, we can only surmise what God has in mind for the roughly three and a half years from this moment in 2020 to the 2023 Apex. Who knows! But 2020 brought in Covid-19, then the protests and demands for unwise changes by a miniscule portion of decision makers and seemingly, a weakness in the once strong bastions of freedom. One wonders if “man’s system” has even greater frightful plans for our futures.

Yet, a good question is, “will the seventh prophetic day be the last hurrah for man’s system!”

Or, does God’s Plan call for an eighth prophetic hour (2023 to 2038), bringing the total of all eight prophetic years (8 x 15) to 120.This seems more realistic as 7 x 15 equals 105, not a significant number in God’s timing, but the number “120” signifies “a divinely appointed period of probation”. So, we have to surmise that when the eighth prophetic hour draws close, it will point to the ultimate culmination of God’s Plan: with the resurrection and/or judgment of the vast majority of all the human beings who have ever lived and the beautiful entrance to the Kingdom of God.

Still, that is 2038, says our disappointed reader, who was looking at 2023 as a wind-up.

Remember, I told him. Whatever dates we arrive at, it is simply conjecturing. But, what the heck! Let’s conjecture!

If there is to be an eighth prophetic hour, we must first realize that the number “8” in Scripture always means a new beginning or a new order of things. It also means a new birth or a new creation. Man’s system would certainly not fit with this new birth so maybe, as one scholar surmised, perhaps the balance of 2020, leading up to 2023, could well see some exceptionally bad times, as man’s greed for power and money could well lead us to another depression and perhaps the most devastating of all wars, with nuclear technology at the forefront. If so, then maybe the prophet Joel’s chilling description might come about, “A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness …. nothing shall escape them”. (2:2-4) If this ever proved to be so, we could well experience Jesus’ words in Matthew 24 about the signs of his coming, where in verse 21, he describes a great tribulation that was never beforehand or since experienced. Then in verse 22, he said, “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved, but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened”.

Or, on the other hand, will the remaining months to the end of 2023 really be that bad? Or will we simply enter the eighth prophetic hour with man’s [or the Satanic] system intact and even more in control? Time only will tell us and most of us reading this magazine will probably be on hand to watch the unfolding of events. “Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place”. (Matt. 24:34)

And just remember this warning from Jesus, “Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming”. (Matt 24:34)