Normally I don’t think of myself as a nostalgic person, but somehow this time of the year, as I again reflect on July 1st (Canada’s Birthday) and July 4th (America’s Declaration for Independence), I find myself humming a few bars from an old western tune, “it seems like years and a million tears since I left my old home town.” As I hum, I’m thinking about my country, and I’m thinking about America, not as they are today, but how we used to be sixty years ago. It may sound corny, but I miss Canada and America of those days. We were truly something special, lands overflowing with “milk and honey,” so to speak, and the pride of our citizens was just not seen in flag-waving ceremonies, it was a part of our daily lives. Even our corporations and governments were, for the most part anyway, caught up in a more responsible attitude toward patriotism and the interests of the nations’ peoples. Amidst all of this was our anchor, the Almighty God Jesus Christ, standing prominently in the center of all that made us truly great.

It really was a wonderful era!