China has a civilization stretching back thousands of years, with a very colourful history. At that time, it was known as Cathay, a name still perpetuated by some major business interests. In more recent times it had become very backward and impoverished, so much so that it fell victim to the rapacious communists under Mao-tse-tung, who instituted the so-called “cultural revolution”, in which millions of professional “middle-class” citizens were herded into rural areas to carry out menial work, which often killed them, whilst the poorer sections of society were “empowered”. What a fascinating word that is, used and abused by all and sundry today.

Recently, we witnessed a great economic revival in China, caused mainly by western nations closing down their factories and outsourcing or importing dirt cheap goods from the East. Anything to make a profit, even if it means betraying your own country and its workers. This development was of course a mirage and a trap, for the Coronavirus epidemic threatens to greatly fracture these lines of supply.

Revelation 18:17 speaks thus in the Moffat version of the Bible “And all the shipmasters and seafaring folk whose business lies upon the sea stood far off as they watched the smoke of her burning, crying “what city was like that great city”. And verse 19, “They threw dust on their heads and cried as they wept and wailed”. The city referred to is, of course Babylon, which no longer exists in the physical world, for our God cursed it. Today we say that the power of Babylon has been transferred to Rome because of the apparent links in Revelation to a false religion which would threaten the world. However, its name actually points to the world-wide economic system that would arise in the last days to enslave all mankind. It is indicative to note how much emphasis in Revelation chapter 18 is placed upon trade by sea, which points to the fact that produce is transported (often unnecessarily) over vast distances, and which has become a gigantic and never ceasing conveyor belt utilizing standardized containers which cannot be easily inspected to ascertain their cargo. “The shipmen made rich profit (fraud) by her treasures”, Revelations 18 continues. When one looks at these huge ships (up to one third of a mile long), we find that they are manned by people from every nation under the sun, and similarly their ownerships are of a like convolution. It Is almost as though they were designed to be mini United Nations modules, displaying as much diversity as it is possible to create.

And this is the matrix which is now threatened by a disease originating in Wuhan, formerly Wuchang/Hankow, China, a city bigger than London and which is famed for having China’s most advanced virus research laboratory, which has worked with other forms of corona viruses, including SARS in the past. This according to the Washington Times of January 26th 2020.

If indeed there is a facility like this in Wuhan, it is quite probable that this was the source of this outbreak. It would not be the first time that mad scientists have let the genie out of the bottle. We know that facilities of this sort are staffed by people whose insatiable curiosity convinces them of the need to study very dangerous viruses and even keep alive deadly diseases that have become extinct in the outside world. Given what we know of the United Nations plan for the year 2030, concerning the reduction of the world’s population and its control by cybernetics and remote technology, it begs the question, did something escape ahead of schedule?

Our Lord Jesus Christ clearly states In Matthew, chapter 24, “and except those (last) days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved”.

The communist regime in China is one of the (if not the most) repressive on Earth. Its citizens have no real freedom and they are forbidden to possess a Bible. The gentle people of Tibet have been oppressed and tortured for 60 years, their land stolen from them and devastated by countless hordes of Red Chinese nationals, who have destroyed their ancient places and carried out the most ruthless ethnic cleansing. They have built over many of their historic places, superimposed hideous socialist blockhouses and decimated their simple carbon friendly native agriculture. A few hundred of these Tibetans have committed suicide by burning rather than continue with their slave-like existence. And what has the so-called “international community done about all of this terror – why absolutely nothing. Yet this same international community lectures us about the suffering of other groups endlessly. If any nation deserved to be destroyed by the wrath of our God, it is modern China. And I have not even mentioned SGI, which is promoted furiously.

China is replacing the United States as the leading world power, it struts through the South China Sea, has built up a large navy to match its exceeding large army. It has bullied its neighbours and by dint of its massive holding of US Bonds, could bankrupt America if it called in its loans. Without any natural intervention it would soon rule the world (almost one in four human beings alive today is Chinese).

We in the West have been so preoccupied with Donald Trump and Brexit that we have not noticed just how much a stranglehold China has on us (it has for instance an almost total monopoly of the rare earth minerals that are essential in the production of modern technological equipment). China has us in a devil’s grip, but perhaps the Lord our God in His Almighty Wisdom is going to loosen their hold over us. Whatever the truth of the matter, we can expect a ratcheting up of all sorts of manic ideas and ventures, bordering on total insanity. May Our Lord God Almighty give us the wisdom to discriminate and discern accurately between what is true and what is false. Perhaps we had better learn by heart the words of Psalm 91, which some in the past have claimed as a defence against all evils and deception. May God bless us all in these confusing times and cover us with His impenetrable cloak of Divine protection.

(Info. on Wuhan courtesy of Last Trumpet Ministries)