When we are down and troubled, and for true Christians this often happens, there is no better source of comfort than the collection of psalms in the Bible, mostly penned by King David, when in need of solace. The one that comes to mind this morning (shortest day) is the 94th, which contains the following lines:

“For the Lord will not cast off His People Neither will he forsake His Inheritance But judgement shall return unto righteousness”

We often come across the idea that God will allow His People to be destroyed because of their grievous sin, but is this really so? The Lord is most jealous for His Inheritance – Israel – and to allow her complete destruction would be first and foremost a dishonour to Him which He could not and would not allow. For His word is Law and He is the God that changes not.

Psalm 94 Is a forceful rebuke to the wicked in all their guises. It proclaims that even when on the point of seeming victory, that their triumph will be prevented. It reminds me of a line from Ben Johnson’s play “Volpone” (the fox) – “To have the cherry passed along the lips and then snatched away”.

How readily this sums up the recent events re Brexit. For just prior to the General Election in Britain, which took place on December 12th 2019 (a triple 12 numerically – the number of Israel), we were told to expect another hung Parliament or a small and inadequate majority for the Conservative Party. In the event they achieved a handsome majority of 80 (2 times 40, the number of probation), to the astonishment of most observers, including Boris Johnson himself. Was not the hand of the Almighty in this, but also the prayers and meditations of millions of those loyal to Him, not just in Britain, but in countries worldwide, including many in Europe itself, that we would be freed from the deadly shackles of the dictatorial and anti-Christian EU. For make no mistake about it, this was our Battle of Britain moment when all could have been so easily lost.

How many times does the Lord have to rescue His People before they acknowledge His Power and His Glory in setting out His Purpose on Earth?

This election result was without doubt a deadly blow to our enemies, that has deprived almost all of them of their seats in our Parliament. And greatly discomforted those in the BBC, churches, Supreme Court, etc., who all collaborated to prolong our enslavement forever in this self-proclaimed 4th Reich. However, instead we experienced a cathartic strike for true freedom. But let us return to our first premise, that the Lord is very jealous for His inheritance.

If we examine the word inheritance, in Strong’s Concordance, a most unusual thing becomes apparent. For the exact same Hebrew word is given two separate entries, under reference numbers 5158 and 5159. The latter is annotated “in its usual sense” and the meaning given as an heirloom, estate, inheritance, possession. But the former is marked “in its original sense” with the meaning stream, especially a winter torrent, brook, flood, river.

Is this not quite something to behold, for on the day of the Election, vast swathes of the Midlands and North experienced torrential and prolonged rain, causing floods and dislocation. The very areas where the Conservatives gained many seats. It is an attributed fact that Labour voters are more easily put off from voting if the weather is inclement. This same phenomenon was also observed on the day of the Referendum in June 2016, when the London area (dwelling place of the mixed multitudes) was inundated by a violent storm which caused severe flooding.

Psalm 94 concludes:

“And shall bring upon them their own iniquity And shall cut them off in their wickedness Yea the Lord our God shall cut them off.”

Having been saved yet again, it is our solemn duty to repair our defences and turn once again to our Lord God Almighty and prove our love for Him by keeping His Commandments.

By the time you read this we will be on the very verge of leaving the European Union (on 315′ January 2020) more or less 47 years from the original ratification of the European Communities Act of 1972 (Ratified 1.1.1973). Then we have a period of 11 months to finalize the trade deal with the EU (by 31.12.2020),

And to celebrate this momentous split, on 31,1.2020, the Government has decreed that the bell of Big Ben (currently quietened owing to repair work on the Tower) will ring out once again. To which, may I add the words of the poet John Donne – “Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee”. Amen