In your last TKC issue you had an article by Mr. Joe Cranswick titled; Democracy! “Will of the People” Doomed By God, and whilst it was to all intent and purpose quite right, I do want to make one or two comments.

Democracy, while far from ideal, has to be considered the best of a ‘bad lot’! I think Sir Winston Churchill once made a similar comment (though not in these exact words!). And I have to say, that until Our Lord returns, and takes His rightful place on the Davidic Throne, ruling not just over His Israel people, but over the whole world – if we did not have democracy, with all its faults, then what would we be left with? It is dangerous to condemn democracy, because despite its insufficiency, it is all we have as a ‘stop-gap’ between Theocracy, and Tyranny!

The Magna Carta

The Magna Carta is a document created in 1215 that limited the power of the monarch and established human rights for everyone in England. Signed on 15 June by King John, Magna Carta demanded that every person was entitled to a fair trial by jury.

Here in Great Britain and Northern Ireland we have our Constitution, which consists of The Magna Carta, The Bill of Rights and the Act of Settlement. These were created basically to protect the peoples of this land. Similarly, in America, they have their own Constitution which begins; “We the people…” and again the idea is to protect the American people – from what? From a dictatorship – from the control of a despotic ruler, and from foreign control/influence. Basically, in these two Constitutions, the People of the lands are made sovereign – not, as indicated here in the UK by those of our MP’s who are trying to stop our Brexit exit – Parliament. Parliament is supposed to serve the people.

In both America and Britain, the people vote for who they want to govern them. They may not always be right in those they vote for, but they have that choice, and so, theoretically this should stop the country from being ‘captained’ by a bad ruler, at least not for long, because they can be removed via the ballot box next time! That’s the idea anyway.

Democracy does however have a weakness, and this is clearly shown in today’s world. The weakness is, of course. that the people are not always right – and the people can be deceived. And in so doing, something much, much worse than democracy can enter in and take over!

Our ancestors here in Britain had problems with the Pope and the Roman Catholic church, and a large part of our Constitution was created to stop similar situations recurring, because the Roman Catholic church is not just a religion, it is a political power. Unfortunately, in recent years, much of our Constitution is either being conveniently ignored or forgotten, and/or new laws created to suit the desires of unscrupulous politicians originally covertly, but now openly.

Do you remember when the Wall dividing East and Western Germany came down – and how everyone rejoiced, being of the opinion that Marxism and Socialism had been destroyed? But had it? I remember our late friend Alan Campbell saying that if something happens – it has been allowed to do so and I believe that, certainly in this case it was so. The Wall was allowed to come down, because Marxism and Socialism had already infiltrated into the Western world. It had started to creep into our ideologies several years before. And now, it is so entwined into our Western society – in the form of political correctness, equal rights, gay marriage, climate change, and all the ‘isms’ you want, that everyone accepts it as part and parcel of our modern life.

So now, when both Britain and America finally have a Prime Minister and a President, who have an inkling of some of what has happened, and they try to unravel the tentacles of the ‘intruder’ within, they are demonized by those who oppose them.

Democracy has saved us up to recent times, from the sort of Marxist despotic control that affected Russia, and still, for example, controls China. Without Democracy we would be living in a Hitler-like led society, with no freedom at all. But now the enemy not only has its foot in the door, it has entered in, and is making its bid to take complete control!

To this end, it may be the case, that the stark choice that awaits us now will be the choice between the darkness of atheistic Marxism, or, the Light and Truth of Theocracy with the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Democracy had a purpose – and it may still have further purpose – as I said, a ‘stop gap’ until Our Lord’s Return.

And may that Return come soon!