Michael Clark, President of British Israel World Federation, UK has a greater handle on “numbers” than anyone else I know. Here is just a sample of his analysis that he shared with us on September 3rd, 2019

  • On Sept 3rd, 1752 England changed from Julian to Gregorian dating on this day by omitting 11 days when Sep 3rd, 1752 became Sep 14th, 1752
  • On Sept 3rd, 1650 Oliver Cromwell was at the Battle of Dunbar
  • On Sept 3rd, 1651 Cromwell was at the Battle of Worchester
  • On Sept 3rd, 1654 Cromwell opened his first Protectorate Parliament
  • On Sept 3rd, 1658 Cromwell died

Ed: Oliver Cromwell was an English military and political leader. He served as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland. He was one of the signatories of King Charles I’s death warrant in 1649, and he dominated the short-lived Commonwealth of England as a member of the Rump Parliament (1649–1653). He was selected to take command of the English campaign in Ireland in 1649–1650.

Mr. Clark gave another Sept 3rd happening, that in 1939 when Britain entered World War 2. He showed that this took place 80 years ago on September 3rd this year or two times 40. Bible scholars, such as E.W. Bullinger and Evangelist Ed. F. Vallowe, have long universally recognized 40 as an important number in the Bible and that it is associated with a period of probation. Probation is said to mean, “the release of an offender from detention, subject to a period of good behavior under supervision, an example being, “I went to court and was put on probation”.

This being so, lets just look at each 40-year period from 1939. The first ended in 1979 and we have to ask ourselves, “Did the Israel nations deserve release in 1979? Or did we stray further from the laws of God, instead sunk lower into the depths of evil and the Israel nations further into control. You would think that good behaviour should have led to great things happening in the Israel nations. Indeed, much discord took place in our nations, from the 3-Mile Island atomic leak, denigration of our faith and to world events that affected us, like government overthrows, the most significant of which was the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, the installation of Ayatollah Khomeini, and his seizing of the US embassy.

No, at the end of 1979, no judge in the world would look at our behaviour and grant us release from probation. God didn’t either and True Israel was thus sentenced to a second 40-year period of trial, probation and testing, beginning in 1979 and ending this year of 2019.

So, fellow readers, ask yourselves, “Do we deserve release at the end of this second 40-year probationary period. Of course not! Globalists have permitted massive non-Christian, non-Israelite immigration; Christian attendance has fallen dramatically, even though churches have softened the faith to where it does not resemble the true faith and countless millions, mostly youth, have turned their backs on the Lord Jesus Christ. Our one-time Christians values have run amuck, as we have seen changes through tragedies like 911, debt, Hollywood liberalism and the like, political ineptness and so on. And perhaps most serious, the strongest of the world’s nations outside of the Israel nations are strengthening and coming together with a common hatred for us. Iran is a good example; their recent statements are certainly not to pleasant to contemplate.

What have we to look forward to? Is there going to be another 40-year period of testing? Or is Jesus looking on and saying to Himself, “They will never learn, I will have to intervene unless there will be nothing left to save. Let me look at my schedule to decide!”

Still, what a shame we find ourselves in this predicament. If only we true Israelites would study the Scriptures so to learn who we are and as it says on Page 36 of this booklet, understand both our awesome responsibilities and our magnificent blessings. If all of us did, we would see things God’s way, not our own selfish ways. It’s like David Davison wrote in his Miracles of History, “Let It be known that God has chosen us for a specific work and that that work is to be executed in His way and to effect His purpose, and is not to be executed in our way or to serve our purpose.”

In his further comments, he quoted an early 20th Century Archbishop, Lord Davidson, when he said “Do we realise that we [True Israel] alone today are those whom God has chosen in the world’s history as a people to whom is given incomparably the greatest trust and decision for the world’s safety which has been laid upon a great company of people? This is a trust laid upon the English-speaking people, but primarily upon Britain and America.”

David Davidson then went on, “To fulfil that trust completely we must evacuate ourselves spiritually from the World City of Destruction—which signifies the existing order of world economy—to let it bring upon itself the utter destruction which will ensure the world’s peace and security. The course of the current ways of warfare and its aftermath will confirm, in the experience of our race, the complete truth of this, which is the truth revealed by prophecy. God will guide us—even in our ignorance of the process—in every stage of our evacuation…”

There’s lots of talk today about recession, unsustainable debt, economic collapse, war, trade agreements, dump Trump, Brexit opposition, and scores of other signs, including demands from Hollywood types, who think their success as entertainers makes them experts, but all of these put together may have us see something in the next few months that will shake the roots of our sorry old world.