In these confusing times in which we live, it is sometimes hard to differentiate between truth and error, We are told by Jesus in scripture that Satan the devil is the Father of Lies, (John 8:44) and that in the last days, perilous times shall come (2 Timothy 3:1) It used to be said that in war, truth was the first casualty, but nowadays in our so-called time of peace, the same maxim applies.

If we ask ourselves just who would Satan choose as his deputy liars-in-chief, we would soon realize that these would not be the proverbial scoundrels and confidence tricksters, but those from the ranks of highly respected men and women of science, medicine, theology, politics and economics. In other words, those in the past who we would have trusted with our lives. But, just as the fish rots at the head first, so it is from these exalted ranks that extreme corruption has entered into our western Christian society. And this has been a long and steady process which introduced us to, amongst other things, the theory of evolution of the species, higher criticism emanating from Germany, and the dialectical materialism of Karl Marx. The most powerful delusion that we contend with today, however, is climate change.

We must be aware that the climate in which the revisionists most wish to change is that from living according to the statutes of Almighty God to being under the domination of satanic heresies. To this end, we are heckled continually, usually by the young and impressionable, who know little or nothing about life, but have been brought up not to think for themselves, and fully believe that we need to take drastic action in order to prevent man-made global warming, and save the planet. Statistics are skewed to support this thesis and people, such as the atheist David Attenborough, are happy to peddle such nonsense. For if there is any severe alteration to the bounds of our weather, it is under the supreme control of God and we can in no way influence this, if, it is the result of our heinous sins and aberrations. Except, of course, by repentance. The ultimate politicization of this subject is being used to corral a frightened humanity into accepting a controlled dictatorial state where all individual freedoms must be sacrificed for the “greater good”! Someone once said that necessity is the reason given for all infringements of human liberty.

In any case, the whole “climate change’ scenario was dreamt up about thirty years ago to enable such a deviation. Prior to that, all we were told was of the danger of a new ice age and of course, the famed nuclear winter. Added to this, there are reports in scientific papers of a noticeable warming of the planets Mars and Pluto, amongst others. The reason given, is a change in the sun’s activity. Benny Pelser of Liverpool John Moore’s University says, “I think it is an intriguing coincidence that warming trends have been observed on a number of very diverse planetary bodies in our solar system”. No doubt all caused by those naughty car drivers in outer space!

In the days of Rehoboam, son of Solomon, he was given a choice. Follow the words of wisdom of the old men and keep the Israel nation united or hearken to the protestations of the young men which would lead to the division of the ten tribes of Israel from the two of Judah and Benjamin. He chose the latter course and protracted enmity was the result. Today, we have a similar schism between the “old” and the “young” the latter being impatient and impetuous and not schooled in understanding the origins of their adopted ideas.

It is fashionable to think that warring factions can be kept happy by a spirit of compromise. Theresa May was a great admirer of compromise and alluded to it many times in her final speech given at Chatham House, part of the illuminati empire. But compromise is the means by which Satan nibbles away at our faith. The only way to correct the errors, which have entered into our Israel lands, is to face them down, no matter what; to lay down the Law and call our enemies’ bluff. This, of course, requires a strong conviction generated by a true understanding of God’s word. We have listened too long to the fantasies of the European Union being a force for good, when its primary purpose is to destroy all national identities and be a building block for a one-world godless government run by and for the self-proclaimed elite. Their hatred of those who oppose their imperialist dreams is deep and venomous. For they fear the loss of their long “taken for granted” power over us.

The timing of the Lord is paramount. If He has decreed that we shall be freed from the Roman perversion as a nation, then this WILL HAPPEN, no matter what anyone may say or do. And when we are at last freed form this Machiavellian nightmare, many of those guilty ones, who have been revealed for what they are in the last three years, will throw up their hands and aver strongly that they never really supported this rebellion against the Lord’s people, but were always true believers. Once a man or woman has served Satan’s purpose and is no longer useful, he or she is dropped like a stone and they become an empty lifeless shell, discarded by their master to their own grisly fate.

“Breathe on me, breath of God-. So shall I never die”, runs the words of an old hymn. This reveals to us that our Lord God is indeed the giver of all life, the very life that we have been told we shall have more abundantly. Without our Lord there is no health in us, The wicked and evil who have sold their souls to Satan have not this balm and benediction and realize too late that they have been marooned in a lifeless hell. The wages of sin is truly death.

We, of the promise, for that is what we are, are assured of a glorious future under the rulership of Jesus Christ, who is the master of Heaven and earth. What a wonderful thing that will be when all that is currently wrong with our world will not even be remembered. Freed from the evil one and his cohorts, paradise will indeed have been regained.

As Vera Lynn once sang in one of her most memorable songs, “it’s a lovely day tomorrow”, and in another rendition, ‘The world is waiting for the sunrise’, (or Son rise, the Risen Christ). So, heads up all you people, the victory awaits, that victory purchased with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, coming soon, coming soon.

Rejoice, rejoice; amen, amen.

Ed: This is a must read! He writes: “If we ask ourselves just who would Satan choose as his deputy liars-in-chief, we would soon realize that these would not be the proverbial scoundrels and confidence tricksters, but those from the ranks of highly respected men and women …”