A withering stroke of palsied pessimism has fallen on some Churches, creating an enervating fear of venturing away from old moorings and exploring the great depths of God’s revealed Truth. They shrink from any suggestion that looks toward innovation.

If Churches would cast aside their fear and launch out into the deep, they would be rewarded, as were the fishermen of old on Galilee. The Anglo-Saxon is [was] rich in houses and lands and ships and gold, and is destined of God to give new life and a new meaning to Christianity, and he will do it through the acceptance of that new Truth, the Identity Doctrine, corroborated by Scripture and history, which proves. that the Anglo-Saxon is of the stock of Israel. For years God has been trying to reach Anglo-Saxon understanding and impress on them that they are the people of the Lord their God, and that He has given them advantages over every other race.

The Lord does not bestow material things without obligation. He has not given us intelligence, education, inventions, wealth and power that we might simply live at ease and enjoy all the comforts and conveniences of life to the full, but that we may recognize our responsibility to all people everywhere, and carry the torch of knowledge and Christianity into the darkened corners of the earth. The general recognition of this Truth will give a new incentive to Bible study, fill the Churches, and restore Sabbath observance and break down the fads and isms and spasms that have been afflicting our religious life. It will awaken the Church to the fact that God’s promises are not abrogated, but are Yea and Amen to them that believe, and bring showers of blessings to His people all round the world.

During the world-war, a member of the State Council of Defence in an Illinois city received a stack of posters from the Government with the request that he stick them up wherever he could find a vacant place. He called in an over-enthusiastic boy and told him to go out and put them up wherever he could find a dead wall. At noon an elderly, indignant gentleman called and said, “Did you send a boy out to stick up posters?” “Yes, sir,” replied the patriot. “Well, come with me,” said the man. He took him to the cemetery, and there, on the walls of a mausoleum which contained the last mortal remains of one of the City Fathers, he saw, in flaming red letters a foot high, this thrilling command —”Wake up, Citizen! Your country needs you.”

I wish I could hire that boy. I’d like to send him out and have him put up a poster on the front door of every home where the Christian has gone to sleep, “Wake up, Christian! The Kingdom needs you.”

Courtesy The National Message, by the late Rev. George McGinnis

Editor’s Note: Illinois minister, the late Rev. George McGinnis, wrote this article in 1925, a half-dozen years after the devastating World War I. Yet, most of what he has written could easily describe today’s Anglo-Saxon World.