“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: That thou mayest love the LORD thy God, and that thou mayest obey His voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto Him: for He is thy life, and the length of thy days …” Deut. 30:19-20

A few days before Easter we witnessed on our TV screens, the destructive fire that all but destroyed the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, which was situated in the very center of Paris, standing on the narrow islet in the river Seine. France, in particular Paris, has had more than its fair share of tragedies in recent years, ­mostly in the form of terror attacks, but apparently not in the case of the Notre Dame. A symbol of Christianity in France – well, a symbol of the Roman Catholic church to be precise, and also a symbol of the Holy Roman Empire – it had links with Charlemagne, Napoleon, as well, who was crowned Emperor there in a ceremony presided over by Pope Pius VII (1804). A previous Pope, Alexander III, laid the foundation stone of the Cathedral back in 1163 AD, however, he was at that time a fugitive from Rome, having been driven away by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.

Was this event a judgmental warning to President Macron – an avid E.U. supporter of ever closer Union and tighter controls? There was certainly a link with Brexit, as the fire took place 17 days after the 29th March – the day we were supposed to leave the E.U. The number 17 is synonymous with Brexit, as 17 million of us voted to leave, and it was 17 years before the Referendum of 2016 took place, in 1999 – that we experienced a Solar Eclipse, which cut right through the heart of Europe, and, when Nigel Farage stated to the European Parliament, that his intention as an MEP was to see Britain leave the E.U..

Are there such events as Divine judgmental warnings? And should we take them seriously? Yes! We should – very seriously. But let me say before I proceed further, that I am very grateful that no one perished in that fire – judgment is not pleasant, but it is necessary, and the hope is that people will respond to such warnings and return to Almighty God.

France is certainly in a state of turmoil in any case – but then so are we, here in Britain – and then there is America! Our nations are divided within – and a divided nation is a weak nation, and thus open to attack.

I have just finished reading a most interesting – well, fascinating – book, which was published back in 2012. It concerned America, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, and the 2008 stock market collapse. You may have read it. It is called “The Harbinger”.

The book is very detailed, and I cannot relate much in this short article, but the author (Jonathan Cahn), while not seemingly aware of our Israel identity, links America with ancient Israel, because at the founding of the United States, the land and the people were dedicated to Almighty God. And thus, like the House of Israel, who turned away from God, and was allowed to be carried away captive by the Assyrians after many warnings, America is kind of a new Israel and as she has similarly turned away from God, she is subject to the same type of warnings. Bearing in mind that America actually is descended from the Israelites of old – as are the other Anglo-Saxon-Celto peoples in the lands of the west – then we have most assuredly opened ourselves up to the curses promised to God’s Israel peoples if they choose to turn from His ways.

Thus, we read in —The Harbinger” that the terrorist attack which brought down the Twin Towers was indeed a warning and possibly of worst judgment to come, but not without an indication of the reason and where we have gone wrong. For it seems that whilst all around the World Trade Centre, adjacent buildings were either also destroyed or damaged, a little church survived completely unharmed. Coincidentally to a verse quoted from Isaiah (Isaiah 9:10), in the grounds of the churchyard, between it and the Twin Towers, a tree – a Sycamore – was brought down by the blast. However, it is the church that should have spoken loud and clear to the peoples of America (and perhaps it did to some…), for this church, St Paul’s Chapel (the oldest and most significant building in that city), is the site where the first president of America – George Washington, the Senate, and the House of Representatives … bowed together, in prayer, to consecrate the new nation’s future into the hands of God. This is the place where the new nation was committed to the Almighty; isn’t it amazing that where such a horrendous and terrible event – that shook not only America to its foundations, but the rest of the world too – should have also brought to everyone’s notice the little church that was miraculously kept perfectly safe – and that particular church was where America’s spiritual birth – it’s affiliation to God as it were – took place. And this speaks volumes! God was saying, loudly and clearly, that by turning away from Me, you have opened yourselves up to events like this and more … And speaking of foundations – it should be noted that Federal Hall, the place not far from the church – the place where George Washington – the first President of America – was inaugurated, received a mighty shock wave following the collapse of the Two Towers, which caused an old crack in the foundations of this building to open up!

But let us return to the Notre Dame, this church has very sinister associations. The bells rang out in celebration at the time of the dreadful St. Bartholomew massacre, which saw thousands of protestants murdered, and it is considered one of the most important centers of the Babylonian inspired Church of Rome. Its very name speaks of blasphemy and paganism! Monsieur Macron, the new Napoleon, has promised to rebuild it in 5 years! But this year is a special year – its digits add up to twelve, the first time this has happened since 1920, an interval of 99 years. Will there be a third incident, where catastrophe is visited on a place of great importance, built on an island in a major city? Certainly, the Lord is starting to make His presence known to all who dwell on the Earth.

How much longer will He allow the treachery that we are witnessing in our land of Britain to continue? How much longer will we be ruled by a modern version of the Queen of

Heaven – the ‘May’ Queen. She who has donated one of our ancient English oaks to the rebuilding of that noxious edifice!

“The Lord reigneth; let the earth rejoice; Let the multitude of isles be glad thereof. Clouds and darkness are round about Him: Righteousness and judgment are the habitations of His throne. A fire goes before Him and burneth up His enemies round about. Psalm 97:1-3