On April 11th/12th, we learned of the most recent extension to October 31st, 2019. I couldn’t help but think that the Globalist’s are basking in what they must consider a positive step on their road to victory. Yet, then I couldn’t help but review Mr. Edward’s article of October last year, particularly the following paragraph,

“It’s like this. If we the Brits, don’t achieve Brexit, then the whole of history, the whole of the Bible even, the whole of decent human endeavour is a gigantic fraud, a total mirage. Because He who must be obeyed has ORDAINED it, has planned it, has demanded it. And He is not one to fail in ANYTHING. How do I know this? Because, and here it gets really complicated, He has told us so, and that is the end of the matter”.

Mr Edwards ended his article with, “We are entering a new phase whether we want to or not. If we want to remain outside of the Kingdom, and it is all about the Kingdom – see the Lord’s Prayer – that is the choice. But we have been invited in. There is a time limit – witness the foolish virgins – don’t miss the boat for you may not get a second chance”.

The fight continues and most supporters of Brexit must be encouraged that Nigel Farage has re-entered the fray with his words that he “will no longer be the nice guy”.