“IT IS THE MOST WONDERFUL LIBRARY IN THE WORLD. “The history of its compilation, its preservation, its adaptability to the human soul, is full of intense interest … The Bible is not like a newspaper, or a magazine, or a mere religious hook. It is so much more than the very best of earthly literature, and needs to be approached with prayer, handled with reverence and pondered with desire. … The Bible is our food, the only perfectly safe spiritual nourishment in these days of much knowledge and little faith. The Bible is so interdependent, or hangs so much together, that we must have a general acquaintance with the whole, if we would become ‘mighty in the Scriptures.’ Don’t let us live on SECOND-HAND religion. If we have some of the Bible in our head, we shall be more likely to get it into our heart. Let us take the well-known words and ‘Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the Scriptures.'”

By Rev. E.J. Sturdee