I went to the well and the well was dry! I’m sure every writer will experience this on occasion, but me – It happens almost monthly when I need to come up with a subject for my article. I’ve learned to just leave it to God. So, like I do each month, I again shut my eyes and prayed that He would grant me a little wisdom, or at least an idea on which I can build.

He didn’t let me down, as I began reflecting on the huge battle between Globalism (One-Worldism) and Nationalism (Support of One’s Own Nation above all others). Poor “Nationalism”! In this mixed-up old world of ours, they are presently finding themselves on the short end of the stick. While Globalism, known also as “Mystery Babylon,” has the bulk of the corporate world, the economic world and their growing ecclesiastical world on the front lines of their troops. Indeed, can you just see the fierce Globalism looking with distain at Brexit, supported mostly by Israelites, whether they know their identity or not, and that upstart Trump, probably again, supported mostly by True Israelites? Can you just hear Globalism lamenting, “We nearly had it going our own way, but we’ll get there yet? After all, we have a mind-changing collaborator! Nat, go to your Bible, Revelation 13, it refers to this mind-changing collaborator, who is our great ally, call him the “False Prophet” if you like, or maybe you might come to the conclusion it is one and the same as a huge portion of the “Media. You may be riding high right now, Nationalism, but your Brexit/Trumpism is just temporary relief, like those pills we sell you every day to relieve one thing or another”.

[Nationalism (Nat)] says to himself, Psst, Don’t tell Globalism but we have an ally too, His name is the Lord God Almighty.

Big Globo continues, “Look Nat, let’s face it, your own Bible tells you our strategy when it said we would sneak in ‘While men slept’. You guys have been just letting things happen,” “shutting your eyes,” so to speak, as immoral changes swept your values under the carpet. Oh, what an opportunity you gave us to sow our treacherous work. We’ve had experience, you know! We employed about the same devices when we wanted to bring down empires, like the Roman Empire. Oh, yea, we were there too! That was us that encouraged the rapid increase of divorce and the undermining of the sanctity of the home, the basis of society. And we were behind those higher and higher taxes, increased even more by our spending more and more money on pet projects? And like today, we sure had the Romans hooked on the mad craze for pleasure and sports. And many other things! So, you know how it is.”

“But Nat, we are soon to tighten the vise even more, because in the very near future, we are going to employ the old “Wellington/Napoleon” gambit! You know what that is, we’ve done it before. We simply manufacture an environment to frighten the world into thinking the very worst, resulting in asset values plummeting to practically nothing, then stepping in as scavengers to buy such assets at rock-bottom prices, whether equities, real property, a nation’s resources or commodities? Also, the careful nurturing of our insurmountable debt plan has sufficiently ensnared governments, corporations and citizens enough to entice us to gleefully pull the “plug, whenever we want to!” Don’t kid yourself, Nat, there is an inner circle around the globe that is ready to participate in this final onslaught on freedom? Let me explain how it would work”.

“First, however, ask yourself, ‘Are you in the “Calm before the Storm’”?

“Now, just imagine if you could travel back to the 1920’s, a period known as ‘The Roaring Twenties”. To understand this, let’s look at the United States of America right after the end of World War 1, because as that nation goes, so does the world. Remember, following that war, the U.S. experienced the greatest economic growth in their history, primarily due to how undamaged they were when the war ended. They were the richest country in the world and their economy was booming.”

“Sounds familiar, doesn’t it, Nat? Because, here we are in the first month of 2019. The Trump economy is booming, experiencing tremendous economic growth. And America is the richest country in the world. The equity markets have soared in the past two years, full employment exists, and optimism abounds, as consumer spending appears to know no bounds and confidence in the nation’s prosperity has grown exponentially”.

“As a lesson for you, Nat, you should know that late in the year 1929, the other shoe dropped, just as it must happen whenever economies, etc. get overheated. And they get overheated faster when consumers spend, spend & spend. Imagine, in the recent Cyber Monday, 7.9 billion dollars was spent by consumers. Unbelievable, but this extravagance only makes our plan easier to implement. Remember as well, back in 1929, the consumer spending was not nearly as strong, but just as an example of the fall, the bell-weather of the equity markets, the Dow Jones, dropped 89% in just a few months and it took some 25 years before it broke even. Remember, Nat, during that great depression millions were out of work, some people had to wait hours in bread lines just to get food to survive. The Roaring Twenties had come to an abrupt halt, the decade that was so economically prosperous was no more. You might think it unthinkable that it could happen now, but if it did, the Dow would lose some 22,000 points from its roughly 24/25,000 level today. There will be a lot of ledge-jumping, that’s for sure. Yet, for the inner circle of we Globalists, it will be another great harvest of money, power and total control. So, Nat, it doesn’t look good for you, does it? And as far as the Brexit and Trump revolutions go, our bought and paid for politicians, corporate leaders and don’t forget, scores of ecclesiastical leaders, (Yes, Nat, Christianity is not a problem, it’s been on the run for decades), along with our friends making up the False Prophet, we will continue to be triumphant. So, now, what do you have to say?”

Nationalism thinks for a couple of minutes, then says, “Well Globo, I do have a couple of things to say. It’s true these things you describe might happen, they probably will, but we’ll have the last laugh. Yes, we will have to go through some tough times, we deserve them, because most of True Israel and the Christian body have deserted the Lord and shut their eyes to His Laws and Commandments. You never mentioned war, but we expect that will come too and it will be devastating.

On the other hand, yes, we have ‘slept’, as you say, but you didn’t read the rest of the passage, because verses 25 to 30 of Matthew 13 reveals your sorry end. And James 5:1-6 will tell you how you are going to be led to the slaughter”.

“Now, let’s look at your real name, ‘Mystery Babylon’! Read Revelation 18, it shows you are just not going to make it. Referring to you, verse 19 ends, ‘for in one hour is she made desolate’. That’s 15 years, Globo. Accordingly, Verse 21 should be really frightening for you, ‘…. Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down …’ When it does, Globo, that money you so love so much will collapse with Economic Babylon, that power you relish so much will be gone with the collapse of Political Babylon and that One World Religion you are crafting will collapse with Ecclesiastical Babylon. How do I know, because God has told me so in the Scriptures!

I suppose whatever will be will be, but, you know, Global, I like our ending much better than yours. Because we will be safely ensconced in the Kingdom and you will be sent on a trip to the Lake of Fire. Ouch!