I have a friend who keeps asking me If we (the British) have achieved Brexit yet, or how are we are doing. I keep saying, I will give you a ring when we arrive. No, of course, we are not there yet, but we are getting along very nicely, thank you. We are a little further along than we were; it is like climbing up a hill, it’s tough going and sometimes you have to make a little descent, but we are progressing. This friend keeps worrying and seeing dark clouds and pointing out the bad state of our shoes. I say don’t worry, you know how it is, or perhaps you don’t, so I will tell you anyway.

It’s like this. If we the Brits, don’t achieve Brexit, then the whole of history, the whole of the Bible even, the whole of decent human endeavour is a gigantic fraud, a total mirage. Because He who must be obeyed has ORDAINED it, has planned it, has demanded it. And He is not one to fail in ANYTHING. How do I know this? Because, and here it gets really complicated, He has told us so, and that is the end of the matter.

Of course, people being what they are, like to chew the cud and discuss all the millions of interesting diversions and possibilities and what we will see or won’t see along the way. When we arrive, we may well say as the Yankees say, “What a ride, What a ride”, because when we look back, it will all seem so enjoyable and thrilling, now that we have established that God’s will is not only paramount but certain.

Why all the twists and turns then? Because we like it that way. We are not keen, like Elijah’s ravens on the direct route; we like to veer off the path and take in the view from another aspect, see just what lies behind that rock. We need to be shown that, however much we deviate, the end result is assured. How clever we will think we are for achieving that which the Lord has already decreed.

We, as humans, never like to be told what to do. We have to be allowed, like the prodigal son, to go our own way, if only to prove to ourselves that we shouldn’t have trusted our own blinkered vision. It is just the same with human relationships. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Well, fear not, they just know better, right from the start. No good telling those silly humans anything; they just like to get their fingers burned. It is a sort of inoculation against future error, in a time and place where such error would have even more serious consequences.

Knock and the door shall be opened. There is no handle on the door, some will say, so we cannot gain entry without someone opening it. But wait, the door is not secured, we just have to push against it. Life is so very simple when we trust the Lord; it is our corrupted self that makes it so complex. Remember the lilies of the field; they neither toll nor spin. As someone once said, all happy families are the same, the unhappy exhibit a thousand variations.

We are entering a new phase whether we want to or not. If we want to remain outside of the Kingdom, and it is all about the Kingdom – see the Lord’s Prayer – that is the choice. But we have been invited in. There is a time limit – witness the foolish virgins – don’t miss the boat for you may not get a second chance.

If you love me, declares the Lord, obey my Commandments.

Simple. Amen

Editor Comment: This is a very good article we received from Mr. Edwards a couple of months ago that for some reason was overlooked. But it is such an important subject that we are printing it this month, notwithstanding the earlier article by Mr. Edwards in this month’s issue. By the way, I think I am the enquiring friend referred to by Mr. Edwards.