Many years ago—back in the days of the old west—during a revival meeting, the worst drunkard in town was gloriously converted. Night after night he testified of his salvation and many rejoiced. But a few days later when he passed the saloon, he was tempted to return to his old ways and drinking. He wrestled with the temptation, but finally went in and ordered a drink. He realized if he took this drink, the blessings of the Lord would depart and his testimony would be ruined.

Then, just as he was about to put the glass to his lips—about to take the fatal step—he looked out of the dark­ened saloon. Right across the street, in the brightness of the noon-day sun, was a sign: “Buttermilk—All You Can Drink For a Nickel.” (This must have been years ago!)

Suddenly he dropped the booze and ran across the street to get some buttermilk. “Quick, give me a glass of that buttermilk,” he hollered. He gulped it down and asked for another. And another. He kept drinking buttermilk until he was full. Then he asked for one more glass. By stretching and moving around, he was finally able to drink about a third of the glass. He could hold no more. Then what do you suppose he did? He walked back over in front of the saloon and declared: “Let’s just see you try to tempt me now Devil. I’m so full of BUTTERMILK I don’t have room for BOOZE!” Then he shouted “Hallelujah,” and marched on down the street.

The Bible puts it this way: “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21). Surely if one is filled with good, there is no room for evil. If one keeps busy for God, he does not have time for the devil. If one keeps full of God, there is no room for the devil to get in.

By Ralph Woodrow
Excerpts Courtesy Mr. Woodrow’s book “Dealing with Demons”