How difficult is it to rightly discern the Hand of God in the events and happenings of today’s world? For confusion reigns everywhere. And the most confused are the most prominent in offering advice.

Our Lord’s baptism is featured in all four Gospels, but it is only in Matthew that the reluctance of John to baptise Jesus is made clear; his feeling of total unworthiness uppermost in his mind. Jesus reassures him saying that it is up to us to fulfil all righteousness. Obviously, the baptism of Jesus was necessary for both Himself and John as a precursor to Jesus’ Ministry and works, for immediately after, Almighty God declared that Jesus was His only begotten Son, and the Holy Spirit descended upon him as a dove (but not an actual dove). This was an indication of the reparation of that state of sin which brought about the flood of Noah’s time. As soon as Jesus was baptised, He was tempted by Satan, to challenge his newly acquired status. Having disposed of the temptations of Satan, Jesus commenced to utter what are known as the Beatitudes.

How can the ‘pure in heart’ see God (those in the succeeding 2000 years), when the Bible states that no man hath seen God. Surely Jesus would not have made this statement unless it was extant in His world at that time, for all the other “blessed” were for the people then living. The word translated “see” may in this instance mean “understand”, as in a later instruction, “see that thou tell no man”. If so, we can deduce that only those with a pure heart can truly understand things divine, and the greater our level of purity, the more encompassing our level of discernment.

We are told in Ephesians that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. These are categories of angels, in this case fallen angels, which seek to deceive and mislead us at every turn and juncture. Our level of discernment as to what is good and what is evil is determined by our state of moral purity, which, of course, includes a lack of pride in our moral purity, if such we have. Many are called but few are chosen, or, in other words, many have the potential for purity but few are able to attain and keep it, for the purer one becomes, the more vicious and subtle are the attacks emanating from the world, flesh and devil.

Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is above rubies, says the Proverb. The same is for a man, but men are not the protectors of young life, women are; men are the providers. Where wars, violence and cruelty erupt, men are the chief villains, but when it comes to domestic harmony, women bear the greater responsibility. And must not shrink from admitting this truth. Both man and woman must seek to attain a greater purity if they are to “see,” and understand God and His Created World.

When a certain state of purity has been reached there is established a greater defence against lies, deceits subversion and perversion. Not to mention fear and dread.

Much of the deception taking place today, emanates, sad to say from the so called established Churches. The chief of these is based in Rome, inheritors of the Babylonian tradition. The grand leader of this church proclaims himself; Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the State of the Vatican City and Servant of the Servant of God. The third of these is entirely inaccurate since the apostle Peter was never in Rome, and in any case was not a prince!

The Churches of England and Scotland are overrun with apostasy of the most abominable kind and are currently deceiving their respective congregations, by doing the work of Satan.

When Jesus was on the Earth, revelation came through Him and not the churches then in existence. He, by His divine nature, belittled then, for which reason they loathed and feared Him. Likewise, the Second Advent will be outside of the so called Christian Churches of today, who have betrayed Him. The Roman Church believes that it is essential to retain power in Ireland and has orchestrated the most pernicious and evil campaign against the true saints of the Lord. But for Theresa May’s disastrous election, the Unionists in Westminster, who hold the balance of power now, would have been unable to block the E.U.’s (and Vatican’s) attempt to drive a wedge between Belfast and Westminster re the Customs Union and Single Market.

Let us not though, become too alarmed about the sequence of events. Almighty God holds all the cards, He is the author and finisher of all our destinies. In times of quietness and purity, we have no trouble at all understanding this.

And finally, to Jerusalem, whose Greek name indicates a Temple or pertaining to a Temple. That very Temple, subject of the second of Satan’s temptations, blasphemously quoting from Psalm 91. No new tricks for old; if anyone is going to fall from the pinnacle it will be he whose heart is blackest of all, not He whose heart is pure!