Before my retirement, I was Managing Clerk to a firm of Solicitors. One day a Unitarian Minister came to consult me. We became quite friendly and had many talks about the Bible, but I could not convert him to Christian principles. At length, he invited my sister and me to a meal at his Parsonage and to meet a Healing man, who I was assured healed the sick by the Power of God. During the meal, I sat next to the man, and he kept mumbling `Not now-wait a bit.’ A lady who sat opposite said `Take no notice. He’s speaking to his little spirit boy.’

We adjourned to the Lounge, and the Healer man then got into free conversation with his spirit boy. Suddenly, he asked my sister to let him have her brilliant brooch to show to the boy. I merely THOUGHT `By the Power of the Blood of Jesus-Depart.’ `Good gracious,’ said the man, ‘something has frightened him. He’s run away terrified.’ After about half an hour, he said `Oh, he’s coming back, but isn’t he frightened. Come on… nobody’s going to hurt you. What’s the matter?’ I again merely THOUGHT `By the Power of the Blood of Jesus, Depart’ with the same result, which put a stop to the excursion into spirit land by the Healer man. That was a demonstration of Belief, Power and Authority. How I wish now that I had issued my command aloud. It may have been the means of converting that whole household and the Healing man to Christianity. ‘We have not been given a spirit of fear but of Power and of love and of a sound mind’ (2 Timothy 1: 7).

Courtesy the National Message