We have just passed the first month of a new year and as someone once wrote, “We are setting sail this year on the greatest adventure of all ages”. I wonder how many of us really believe this? Or perhaps, shut our eyes to the reality of what might be coming.

Bible students will tell you that here in 2018, 15 years or one prophetic hour (see its fourfold use in Revelation 17 & 18) has passed since we in True Israel found ourselves embroiled in the modern Middle-East when our forces attacked Iraq. We have to think that something will occur during this year or at least, some future events will be ignited in 2018. Decades ago, a noted minister of our movement wrote of a fifteen-year period when nations, the economic system and the wealth of the unscrupulous rich tumbled down. So, at this vantage point, can we visualize a parallel occurrence? There is so much uncertainty in the world today and the prospects of war could tear nations apart or the frightening possibility of the massive debt and the Trump stock market boom bringing on an economic collapse (particularly if the American establishment have their way and gets rid of the President). I’m not a prophet but it was God who said, “Woe, woe to that great City (Mystery Babylon) … for in one hour so great riches is come to nought”.

What if all this began to happen in 2018 or soon thereafter? Are we prepared? Are we doing our part? This is an answer only we, as individuals, can answer. As an Association, we are cognisant that we have a duty as well, this is a reason why last month we asked readers to send us the names of two or more open-minded Israelites, so we can try to spread God’s Word far and wide. If you subscribe to other Israel Truth magazines as well, those organizations might like the names too.

In any event, if we are setting sail on the greatest adventure of all ages, let’s make sure we are all rowing together.