Several years ago, DJ Terry Wogan, on his breakfast show (here in Great Britain), would jokingly say, “well of course I blame the Russians”. This would have been back in the late 70’s when the Cold War was in full swing, so it was quite a topical thing to say. And now in our present times, everything is being blamed on Brexit, President Trump – and of course, the Russians, who we are told were behind the reason for the British people voting to leave the EU, and for the American people voting in Donald Trump as their President. Well, I am not an American, so I can’t speak for them, but as an Anglo-Saxon-Celto-British citizen through and through, I can confidently state that I voted to leave the European Union without any influence from Mr Putin or his government in Russia, and I am equally confident the same can be said for everyone here who voted likewise. Therefore, I suspect the same is true of those Americans who voted for Mr. Trump.

The fact of the matter is that the media generally, and the powers that be in this world, cannot understand why the British and the American people (Ephraim and Manasseh respectively) did not deliver the right response ­in their opinion – to a choice given in a referendum and a presidential election. In fact, so annoyed are they that they feel they must be seen to hold someone responsible for the result of these votes – and because they cannot find a straight forward way to cancel them, they are also doing their very best to try and undermine things – and since Russia is also out of favour, well, it is convenient to point the finger at them as the culprits.

The great accuser is of course, Satan, and it is his one-world set-up that our actions have put in jeopardy. All the wickedness and evil that is taking place today has him behind it. Mr Trump, like a Samson figure, is just not playing ball with Satan’s plan. And the British leaving the European Union means we will be free to make our own decisions and go our own way – and that’s just not playing the game right at all!

On all sides, it looks like the British leaving the EU is going to be extremely difficult to achieve with everything being thrown at Prime Minister Theresa May. To her credit and despite her many failings, she does seem to be determined that she will bring us out, as she wants to be seen as having abided by the will of the British people. Whether she actually will, or whether someone else will step into her shoes, we wait to see – but the workers of iniquity and mischief are going all out to stop up every avenue of our ‘escape’.

Michael Clark, president of British Israel World Federation refers to Brexit (the popular term for our leaving the EU), as Brexodus, and this is with reference to the Exodus in the Bible, when the Lord God brought His people out of Egypt, where they had been enslaved. Dr. Michael Bennett of the British Israel Bible Truth Fellowship, wrote an extremely good book called The Exodus, whereby he did an amazing study of the Exodus. Then at the end considered our leaving the EU as a similar event to the Egyptian Exodus- and this book was published in 2010!

Dr. Bennett brought to our attention many interesting aspects of the Exodus. One is that when the Israelites came forth from Egypt, a ‘mixed multitude’ came with them. Also, if you remember, before their coming out, Pharaoh had to be persuaded to let them go – with ten plagues, the last of which saw the death of all the firstborn ­and which introduced the Passover, whereby the Israelites had to kill a lamb and mark the lintels and posts of their houses with the blood from the lamb – this a symbolic shadow of the blood that was to be shed by the Lamb of God—Jesus Christ – through whom we will gain Life everlasting.

Even when Pharaoh gave in and let the Israelites go, his grief over the loss of his son—as the first born—surely turned to anger, as he sent his army in pursuit of the Israelites. Even to their following across the seabed such was his determination to get them back! Almighty God, though, put a stop to that, letting the waters that had been pushed back to allow the Israelites crossing, come crashing down, thus causing the destruction of the Egyptian Army.

The Lord God did a marvelous and wonderful thing for His people when He brought them out of Egypt. His power and magnificence were in the sight and experience of all those Israelites alive at that time – and yet there was a great part of them that were not happy with the situation. Even before the crossing of the Red Sea, they complained to Moses that he had brought them out of Egypt to be killed by the army coming after them. Then, on the other side of the Red Sea, they continually whined and lamented. It would, of course, have been somewhat uncomfortable dwelling in the Wilderness, but the Lord did all he could to make things as acceptable as possible – providing food, instructions, and most importantly, protection! One wonders just why the Israelites appeared not to be grateful for their deliverance when Almighty God was giving them such attention – and with the promise of a Land of their own.

Anything and everything that afflicted them was Moses’ fault. …’we should have stayed in Egypt’ – …’at least we had food to eat; …’we were safe, we were warm,’…we had nothing to worry about’ – the Egyptians did all our thinking for us’…! And they even had the audacity, while Moses was being given the Ten Commandments—that divine code for living in a decent society—to make themselves a golden idol to worship! Then was Almighty God, performing wonders in front of them and they still preferred to worship something else. No wonder Moses threw down the stones with God’s Laws etched upon them! I wonder he didn’t throw them at them!

What is it with our people? How God must love us! – to put up with our foolishness and backsliding!

As with those here in Great Britain who voted to leave the European Union, and those in America who voted to free themselves from the Clinton/Obama Dynasty, we still have a very large amount of people who did not want either of these things to happen. We also have a large mixed multitude in both countries, and whilst some of these people may be of Israelite descent and happy to adapt to our ways, there are many who are not, and who like things just the way they are, especially as they are being given positions of authority and power, over God’s people – just as it says in our Bible.

So, the voices of dissent in both lands are loud – and aggressive – and very self-opinionated! Like, “We shouldn’t leave the European Union – they are our friends – we need them!” “We will not be able to exist without them!”. “Donald Trump is a warmonger!” “He is undoing all Obama’s good works”, “we should have had that nice Hilary Clinton – she would have seen us alright!”.

Dr. Michael Bennett in his book on The Exodus”, wrote; “What God did for Israel in the Exodus, He has definitely promised to do again, and so we look for a last days’ deliverance from enslavement to the Treaty of Rome, and bondage to European law. Israel will yet again return to the wilderness and serve the Lord our God” (Ex 5:3).

He also wrote the following; “How God will achieve this miracle is not clear, but the principle of His activity is already revealed. I shall always remember how a man interrupted a church service to tell the congregation what God had just shown him about the Exodus. He reminded the congregation that Israel had two immense problems. The first was behind them – the Egyptian army, which, outside of God, meant certain death. Second, there was in front of them the Red Sea, an impassable barrier, blocking their way of escape. He asked us to consider very carefully what God did for Israel. God used the problem that was in front to destroy the problem that was behind. He noted the economy of God’s arithmetic concerning Israel’s problems. One problem, plus one problem, equalled no problem. Lastly, he told us that our God has not changed. He ever remains the Master, cancelling out all opposition to Israel’s calling in the world.”

So, what are we saying here? We are saying – quite boldly – that the Lord God Almighty, will deliver His people – whether we like it or not! Yes, we are sinning, and in a big way! But God knows full well who is behind all that, and (to coin a phrase from Donald Trump) will ‘deal with it’. We shall come out of the European Union, whatsoever anyone else may or may not do. And we shall come out God’s way, – and I am confident that His way will be so obviously His way, that not just we – His people – but the whole world, will know that He has done this thing for His people!

Whether Ephraim, whether Manasseh, whether the whole of the House of Israel, and whether we know it, or accept it, or not – we are HIS, and when He calls us out of the nations, then, like dear Lazarus who had lain in the grave for four days – his body beginning to rot – “…Lord, by this time he stinketh: for he hath been (dead) four days “(John 11:39) – we shall come forth!

And, as Jesus said to Martha, after her comments above; “Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?”

Let us believe indeed – for that Glory cometh!