Many years ago, Stevie Wonder penned the lyric “the world is just one big onion”. Well it is today, a world overrun with tears and heartache. The Bible tells us that in the last days “multitudes will be in the valley of decision”, either not knowing which way to go or what to do, or even worse, being completely out of control.

As we become more digitized, we are not more liberated, but more regulated, all our actions being monitored by the modern version of George Orwell’s Big Brother – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Government agencies etc. And remember how we were told 40 years ago that in the future our biggest problem would be how to fill all that extra leisure time that would become available to us. Apple computers’ logo pictures fruit with a large bite taken out of it, reminiscent of the Genesis experience (sic), when sin entered the world through Satan’s deception.

As far as we in Britain are concerned, the source of the greatest deception is the European Union and its “mother” church. The state whose flag has stars without stripes, a representation of the miraculous medal of the Rue de Bac, based on a vision received by a Roman Catholic nun. Those who have accepted the support of this Babylonish system which employs it, proudly display this mark for all to see. Once such support is received, the recipient falls into a state of mental and physical captivity.

Until very recently, the E.U. or seventh head of the revived Holy Roman Empire, envisioned in Bible prophecy as the Beast of Revelation, has being doing quite well (mainly on the largesse extracted from the German and British people). The latter have said “enough is enough” and instructed their political leaders to cut all ties with Brussels and the EU. This would leave just Germany propping up the edifice, but now it seems Angela Merkel has suffered a rebuff worse than that experienced by Theresa May, and at the time of writing, cannot form a government. This has led some prophetic Christian sources to say that a German strong man may arise as a result, who will rule with an iron fist. Is this the outcome for the recently benign German nation?

After all, none other than Baron von Richtofen, a distant descendant of the first world war flying ace, said, whilst ambassador to Great Britain in 1993 said, “Germany must be permanently integrated into the European Community because there are so many dangerous elements in Germany”.

However, we should beware looking for an exact repetition of events. In World War 2, the main Axis protagonists were Germany and Japan (countries opposed to each other in World War 1). Today China has replaced Japan as a major threat in the east; its cruelties towards the overrun Tibetans are beyond description, yet the world does nothing to help Tibet.

In the west, what other country has been a thorn in the flesh of Britain apart from Germany? I suggest Republican France, one-time home of the Papacy and land of Napoleon, the evil dictator.

Napoleon was truly a dictator and but for Divine intervention would have become total ruler of Europe in the 19t” century. Yet, shockingly, recently, another such ruler may have arisen in France. Emmanuel Macron, who is said to have tricked his way, with the help of the media and powerful lobbyists, into the affections and votes of the French people. Marine le Pen warned the electorate that if they voted for Macron, they would still be ruled by a woman – Angela Merkel. However, the star of Merkel has waned as Macron’s is waxing. That he is now hated by many of the French people will not bother him, for he has the mindset of a dictator. His French critics have accused him of wanting to rule like the Roman god, Jupiter, because like Obama, he has issued edicts and directives which have totally bypassed parliament’s scrutiny and input.

We have just witnessed the Lebanese Prime Minister resign his post, supposedly at the dictate of Saudi Arabia. Still, who did he go to for talks? Monsieur Macron! Macron will, I believe, become a prime mover in our world, having links with all the great powers, and he very likely wants to be in charge of all Europe. We have to remember that France has always been linked with rebellion and has provided political asylum for some of the most dangerous international personalities, such as the Ayatollah Khomeini, who in 1979 turned Iran into an extremist Muslim state. France is also a key center for occult traditions, such as those highlighted in the infamous book, “The Da Vinci Code”, that advances the theory that Our Lord stepped down from the Cross and married Mary Magdalene, creating a dynasty of French kings.

Now, back to the Bible! Recall that the historic bitterness between France and England, in particular, can be traced to sibling rivalry between Reuben (France) and Joseph (Britain), that is, Reuben, the first born and Joseph, who replaced him and was awarded the “Birthright”. Reuben had sinned grievously with his father’s concubine. And he was identified as having strong earthly appetites relating to sex, comfort and food/drink. In Genesis 49:3-4, Reuben is prophesied to have dignity (pride) and power, but also to be as unstable as water. Scripture also tells us that the sons of Reuben rebelled against Moses, preferring earthly considerations. Also, when Israel, under Deborah, needed men to fight against the Canaanites, Reuben preferred to attend to his flocks of sheep.

The nation of France rebelled against the Divine order at the time of their Revolution (1789-1799), espousing a vicious humanist philosophy. France is noted for its interest in food, wine and eroticism. It did not want to play its full part in NATO in the years after World War 2, and much of the nation preferred to liaise and co-exist with the Nazis, rather than oppose this evil. Paris, of all the major cities of Europe, suffered not one scintilla of damage, having declared itself an “open city”. The fleur-de-Lys symbol of the French kings, is said to be derived from the mandrake, an aphrodisiac and Louis 14 was called the sun king because of the great splendour of his court.

It’s a fact that Emmanuel Macron has compared himself to Joan of Arc. Certainly, he possesses the messianic character of a Tony Blair. He is Jesuit educated and although from a secular family, insisted on a Roman Catholic baptism when he was just 12 years old. He somehow escaped National Service, and obtained a master level degree studying Machiavelli and Hegel. He is an ex-employee of the Rothschild Bank. One achievement that resulted in great riches was his organization of a takeover by a large international company of a smaller rival.

At the time of writing, the E.U. is still trying to extract large amounts of money from Britain as a price for trade talks. We are told that eventually there will be some sort of agreement, but Revelation 18, in referring to the Beast power, pictures a complete breakdown of trade. The conspiracy to exalt the E.U. at the expense of other weaker world nations will lead to disaster. We have already seen this with Greece.

As an aside to this article, it is interesting that “En Marche” is the name of the new political party created out of nothing by Emmanuel Macron. (Article slightly abridged)

Note, readers are encouraged to read Genesis 49, Numbers 16 and Judges 5